John Cena and the time he didn’t even have money for pizza

John Cena and the time he didn’t even have money for pizza
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John Cena he is one of the characters the most beloved in the history of wrestling in the US and in the world. In a twenty-year career like his, very few have succeeded mark all his victoriesboth titled and not, and WWE has always treated him as their main face, trying to earn as much as possible from his performances and his image.

However, there was a period in the life of John Cena when fame, money and media exposure were still far away and John lived moments of great difficultyas the wrestler himself said in several interviews, where his salary barely reached to cover the cost of renting a house. In his last interview given to microphones heart to heartbroadcast Kevin HartJohn talked about when he lived in his car and when he did tasks with a giant pizza to eatin which, if you had eaten it all, you would not have been able to pay the bill.

Of these moments in his life, John said:

There was an agreement where if you ate their whole pizza, you got it for free. And I went there every night, a whole pizza so I didn’t have to pay because I didn’t have the money to pay that boy.
I am very lucky with my story because it was my choice to go through hard times. My father always told me, “You are my son. I love you. You will always be welcome at home‘. If I stayed in West Newbury, Massachusetts I would have to eat. I would have a roof over my head. I could provide for myself. But I decided to go outside and stay there

John Cena and the first beggarly salary in WWE

Talking about salaries, again in the microphones of Kevin Hart, in the show Hart to Heart, John Cena told the ridiculous numbers he achieved with his very first WWE contractwith a wrestler who essentially said:

My first WWE contract was for $12,000 per year. I quit my job the day I signed the contract. I think that my rent was $1,000 a month. So all my money went to rent. When I told my mom, she said, “I hope you’re okay.” My dad, I think I could tell him anything and he would still say, “Yes, anything is possible,” but I told him that WWE hired me.. “Oh my son. It’s surreal. It will be wonderful. I can not believe this’. Today again my father is very proud“.

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