John Cena’s sensational intimate interview resurfaces years later

John Cena’s sensational intimate interview resurfaces years later

John Cena this is one of The Most Popular Superstars in WWE Historywith the last 20 years that have seen him as the absolute protagonist of the McMahon family rings, enough to make him real face and representative of the company all over the world. For years, Cena was both loved and hated by the WWE public for his portrayal of a flawless and always winning boy, almost like a superhero, which annoyed many insiders and many fans of the company.

In the last hours however, his old interview surfaced which is still controversial, almost 20 years after its release. We are talking about 2006 interviewwith John Cena in an interview The Howard Stern Showwhen the former WWE champion allowed himself a few comments about his personal lifewhen he was not yet married, with the leader of the chain gang, who told good night with six women together (including some strippers) or the time when a girl over 120 kg entered the house which, however, hadWonderful smile“.

For those who want to see the full version of the interview, without filters, we report the video below, with John Cena has never seen anything like this in WWE rings:

John Cena and the most complicated story of his life

In his last interview given to microphones heart to heartbroadcast Kevin HartJohn talked about when lived in a car and when there is he did tasks with giant pizzasin which they ate it all, you couldn’t pay the bill.

Of these moments in his life, John said:

There was a deal that if you ate their whole pizza, you had it for free. And I I went there every nighta whole pizza so I don’t have to pay, why I didn’t have money to pay this boy.
I am very lucky with my story because it was my choice to go through difficult times. My father always told me:You are my son. I love you. You will always be welcome at home‘. If I had stayed in West Newbury, Massachusetts, I would have had food. I would have a roof over my head. I could provide for myself. But I decided to go out and stay there

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