John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, specially for AD, the superstar couple’s new home in Beverly Hills.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend move frequently. “We are used to it. We are always ready: a new house or renovation of the house we live in,” says Teigen, a flamboyant model, TV host and home cooking guru. “When he talks We“She means it,” chimes in John Legend, her husband, a superstar musician who, in his stellar career, boasts 12 Grammys and an Oscar for best original song (as well as an Emmy and a Tony). “But it’s true. We’re not afraid to change,” he adds.

The couple’s penchant for serial home buying isn’t just a whim. “In each house, we reflected a certain moment of our life, like chapters in a book”Teigen says. “Our last home was darker and more closed, like a sanctuary,” continues John Legend. “This place impressed us with its lightness and airiness. We really like the fact that it’s so open and connected to the outside world. We wanted to create something magical, especially for children.He says. It’s seven-year-old Luna, five-year-old Miles, little Esty, and newcomer Ren, whose birth was announced in June via surrogate on Teigen’s Instagram profile, to the delight of millions of fans.

Was Jake ArnoldV AD100who often partnered with the couple to face the restructuring of their new home in Beverly Hills after designing the Legend recording studio and office space for a tableware and tableware brand thrust Chrissy Teigen.

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“We hired Jake because we like his style, although if it was up to him, there would probably be more earthy tones,” says John Legend, referring to the designer’s passion for warm and neutral palettes, enlivened by bold and sculptural forms and precious textures. “We like bright colors. We wanted the house to feel a little crazy and funky,” explains Teigen.

Arnold readily admits that his clients have encouraged him to expand his aesthetic lexicon into unfamiliar territory. “They like elements that are a bit glamorous and playful, and unlike me, they are fascinated by the creations of bold and contemporary artists“, he admits. “But Chrissy and John are very welcoming and supportive people, and they trusted me. My task was to take this shiny new house, a lot Modernand follow my philosophy: make it attractive and livable, reflecting what I do, but always in line with their personalities.

Arnold replaced the existing staircase—an angular, sharp glass-and-steel structure—with a twisting, floating plaster version finished with illuminated brass railings. “I wanted to have a lot rounded shapes to compensate for the rectilinear architecture,” explains the designer. “They use every room in the house, and none of them are closed to children, so everything has to be informal and comfortable.” The sensuous curves of the staircase echo a series of interior pieces and furniture integrated into the living room, dining room and kitchen, connected to each other: a light sculpture Nacho Carbonell; lamp branch Jeff Zimmerman hung above Joseph Diran’s ornately rounded dining table; a half-moon sofa in Pierre Jovanovic oak on a soft, organically shaped mohair rug; the marble island with rounded edges and the plaster hood in the kitchen have been completely transformed.

Rounded shapes return to the adjoining living room in the sinuous lines of a custom-made bar in marble, plaster and brass; V gold wallpaper by de Gournay what envelops space; and, of course, in the Legend grand piano. The closet, almost entirely clad in pink marble, is enlivened Murano glass appliqué with sparkling glass flowers and a domed pendant. “John’s taste can be a bit feminine,” Teigen says of her husband’s predilection for shamelessly beautiful lamps. “It’s true. For me, a chandelier should be sinuous and feminine. I’m also open to pink,” says the musician.

V master bedroom, Arnold originally designed the hideout to be as light and airy as the ground floor rooms. However, after the conclusion, Teigen and Legend thought of one of their typical thoughts. “We opted for something much more relaxing, in darker tones, with richly painted stucco walls, Cowtan & Tout’s Seagrass wallpaper panels framed in walnut behind the bed, and a patinated brass hood over the fireplace,” notes Arnold. Instead of using existing private bathrooms and toilets, Teigen and Legend decided to change the floor plan and share amenities. “We love being together, the breakup seemed like a waste of time,” Legend explains. His wife explains her point best: “We’re not a Victorian couple who have to dress separately and then show up in full dress.”

Arnold’s imagination is fully expressed in the design of children’s bedrooms. Lunar Refuge fantasy in lavender, with ceiling curtains and a bathtub filled with rainbow orbs, while Miles’ hideout includes a climbing wall, a custom jeep-shaped bed parked on artificial turf, and camouflage mesh curtains. “We know the rooms will change as the kids get older, but for now they are perfect. These are small dream worlds,” says the designer.

effective, life Chaz Teigen/Legend is a real dream for adults and children.. Whether it’s an evening to watch a movie together, a party with delicacies prepared withhibachiWhether it’s a new inflatable house or a classic sleepover, the couple’s very welcoming home is constantly visited by family and friends. “That’s how we like it,” Teigen notes. “It’s an open house, always.”

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