John Malkovich wins Foreign Press Grand Prize at Globes

Will John Malkovich receive a prestigious award Foreign Press Grand Prix during the awards ceremony scheduled for July 5 in the enchanting gardens of the German Academy of Rome’s Villa Massimo.

“We are honored that Mr. Malkovich agreed to come and pick up the Golden Globe in person, artistic directors explain Claudio Lavanga and Alina Trabattoni “This edition has finally given us the opportunity to talk about the wonders of cinema with each of its heroes among us, and this unique presence represents the power of art to cross countries, languages ​​and cultures, keeping us all united, attentive, glued in front of the big screen.”

Created to recognize individuals committed to the dissemination of Italian culture through the art of cinema, this award will be presented to an American actor, director and producer who has a special connection with Italy.

He is currently in our country for a show. In the solitude of the cotton fields Bernard-Marie Coltes, which will be presented as part of “Campania Theater Festival” July 8th and 9th.

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