John Mayer and Hailey Baldwin held something very special together we Look at them!


Rumors of a relationship gain in strength.

John Mayer and Hailey Baldwin were photographed hugging outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles where they had the commitment of Danielle Fishel (the protagonist of Boy Meets World) and Jensen Karp (executive producer Drop the Mic).

Baldwin is co-host of Drop the Micwhile Mayer’s long-time friend of Karp.

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The model and the singer arrived at the restaurant separately. They looked friendly, told a source to E! News.

Baldwin a big fan of Mayer. The two have been exchanged on several occasions messages via Twitter.

“I’m obsessed with John Mayer,” he told IS magazine in 2016. “I love you. I think is very talented. I have her documentary on my iTunes. I see it all the time. I know Continuum from start to finish, every word.”

Fishel, Karp and Mayer were photographed in a restaurant with other friends.