John Mayer continues her sexy flirtation with Halsey


Halsey, John Mayer

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Things are still hot in the Instagram of the singers.

Sunday, Halsey published on your social network a video playing some chords on his guitar, looking thoughtfully into the distance. However, the singer of Bad at Love I was not having a good time. “This is your brain when you have a lock to write: everything that I’ve written today sounds as my song on myspace in 2008, or a plagiarism sadly disguised as the Beatles,” he wrote. “Someone send help”.

Since there is nothing to fear because he was the flirtation John Mayer. In a screenshot shared by CommentsByCelebs you see how the singer Free Fallin he wrote, “what I can reach in 20 minutes to break your heart?”

It seems that the comments section of Halsey became the Wonderland of John Mayer.

Halsey and Mayer had already shared words sexy at the beginning of November, which led to some speculation that they could have a romance. One day, Halsey posted a screenshot of her conversation with Mayer by FaceTime and he wrote, “Carpool Karaoke at 7am with John Mayer”.

As innocent as she could sound, after he made a cameo appearance in another series of comments in Instagram. The artist of 24 years, published a photo of their campaign for a lip YSL, where Mayer said, “does it Say that my billing address is not the same as that of my credit card? Never before had this problem. What I can write? Thank you.”

She replied, “@JohMayer I wrote you a song with the number of the help line in the chorus”.

After that kick in the rumors of romance, Halsey quickly ended up with them thanks to a tweet. “I just had an idea-garde. What if… we let the women artists… we have friends… without assuming that we go to bed together?” wrote. “I know, I know. It is something, I don’t know, completely ambitious, but can you imagine if we tried?

In 2017, Halsey told Billboard that she and Mayer were only “co-platonists”. In fact, he is like a muse comic for her. So he told Halsey, “If something seems to me fun is what I check out first because he seems to me a genius of comedy. He will tell me if it is fun, but it also will tell me if not. I started to respond to people on Twitter by their first name. If someone says to me, ‘Halsey is a m**rda,’ I answer, ‘Stacy, wao, calm down’. That’s why she loved it”.

On Tuesday night, saw Halsey with the british musician Yungblud (whose real name is Dominic Harrisonin Los Angeles, looking quite pleased. Maybe just be friends or more than that. Any way, Halsey is more focused on herself than in the others.

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