John Mayer enters the game Fifth Harmony | Music


Although you could see it coming, as much as the fans Fifth Harmony refused to accept it, Camila Hair started the 2017 outside the group. A drop-out that far from being the end of the group accelerated the plans of their former co-workers who have already announced a new album for this year.

But there is a question in the air, will there be a substitute for Camila, or the group will continue to be a quartet? Just in case, we launched an initiative in networks to search for a possible replacement. Under the hashtag #BeThe5thChallenge, those who wanted to could propose names.

It seems that the game has made him the grace to John Mayer it has gotten through to ensure that Fifth Harmony is a group of young girls with much talent.” What I was saying in one of the many tweets that made allusion to his possible role in the group.

In fact, even dared to say what many already think, that “Lauren seems to be the next star”. Since then the role he has taken in recent times, even for the topics of your sexuality or problems with drugs, have done to take his run-up. In addition, his solo debut has been well received.

It all started as a joke on a day in which the singer must feel bored and started to put tweets on the dessert I was taking. Said it was the first tweet of 25 that I was going to put on the same topic. The thing was degenerating because, obviously, little more had to say of the dessert and 25 tweets are many.

It was then when they went through some followers that were asking questions. The issue led to its possible accession to the group. And the girls were not far behind. “We know that sometimes numbers can be misleading @JohnMayer #BeThe5thChallenge”, wrote next to a photo that was treated in the that the singer was the new member of the group.

John ended the affair by giving thanks for what they had given of himself his day of boredom. “I wrote a tweet last night, I put 1/25 as a joke and became a challenge of creative writing. Thank you for being in shape. # 6”, wrote in response to the girls. Do we get a collaboration in sight?