John Mayer knows all too well why still single… can You imagine?


Not long ago, there John Mayer it was considered one of the greatest’re in the world of entertainment, with a number of sexual partners-not sentimental – that already then exceeded by far the two figures. In fact, according to his own calculations, is now something under 500.

The consequences

That reputation as a womanizer eventually become, ironically, his undoing, as he himself has recognized, since they as increasing the urban legend about all the stars that would have been lying down, the less opportunity he had in real life to meet someone you feel a genuine interest in know it or, at least, wouldn’t be ashamed of having spent a night in his bed.

That does not mean, of course, that physical attractiveness has diminished not one whit, and his followers still recordándoselo often through your account Instagram.

Creates fame…

Just this week, for example, the musician posted a picture of her in black-and-white playing the guitar, which in its time was one of his greatest weapons of seduction, and a fan could not resist to ask in the comments section how it was possible for continue being single.

His response was not slow in coming, and comes to demonstrate that, in addition to being very realistic about the reputation that precedes it, also knows how to laugh at himself.

“Look for me in Google“he recommended to the interested.

By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images