John Mayer makes a joke of the famous singing Imagine | Now


John Mayer ensures that was one of the celebrities who were invited Gal Gadot to sing “Imagine” but a mistake in the letter was the one that did not involved in the final cut.

With a touch of derision to the proposal of Gal Gadot, John Mayer said on his account of Instagram that the reason for not participated in the video that became viral was because, instead of singing “Imagine” of John Lennonhe sang the theme of Ariana Grande with the same name.

This week, Gal Gadot and other celebrities launched a rendition of “Imagine” by John Lennon which broke down the barriers of the internet. I have to clarify something, I was invited but I misread the task and thought I had to sing the song “Imagine” by Ariana Grande“well,” said the interpreter of “Gravity” with all seriousness.

In the same video, Mayer showed how he had been the alleged original cut. While celebrities like Kristen Wiig, Jamie Dornan and James Marsden sing with emotion and nostalgia to your topic, it appears John Mayer singing more lively, the topic of Ariana.

At the end John Mayer stopped the joke and he asked his fans to care, smile when you can and laugh when you have the opportunity.

“Imagine” by John Lennon is how people should unite and stop thinking about the material of this world, while “Imagine” Ariana Grande tells how a woman would like the guy who likes to order to encourage them to have a beautiful relationship.