John Mayer sues who sold Rolex fake


The singer and former partner of Katy Perry, John Mayer, took three years ago a nasty surprise when you break one of the watches of their luxurious collection of Rolex -valued at $ 5 million- to discover that the watch that I had purchased in 2007 to Robert Maron it was a copy. The own factory of the swiss firm -in charge of repair – he was informed of the unpleasant finding.

According to sources in the portal TMZ, in a principle Maron admitted its error and all was solved amicably when Mayer returned the watch and was able to buy another. Now, however, the singer claims a compensation of 656 thousand dollars for the other seven parts house Rolex has identified as counterfeit.

Robert Maron it is a well-known seller of watches among celebrities, a profession through which he met Charlie Sheen, for anyone who has worked as representative and advisor of media.

Mayer, for his part, is a big fan of the brand Rolex. Their first “good watch” was the model Explorer. And after him came many others.

“For me it goes beyond the appearance or the weight of the sphere. It is something more, a feeling that excites you. So it was as I began to collect luxury watches,” explained the singer to the portal

The firm produces parts whose cost ranges between 5 thousand dollars and 500 thousand for the more exclusive models.

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