John Mayer surprises everyone by covering a song from Taylor Swift


The Grammy winner shows that he follows the trail to his famous ex-girlfriend.

John Mayer and Taylor Swift were together in 2009, and although their relationship was very brief, only that it was enough for him to go down in history as part of the extensive catalogue of the love of the singer, and that she will dedicate a couple of songs about their failed romance.

But now, ten years later, the interpreter New Light show that you holds a grudge to Swift, and in fact know very well what are their new songs.

He is so soaked in the culture Swiftie that it is even able to make special versions inspired by the original themes.

Watch the video and find out what we are talking about!

After Mayer and Swift have ended their brief courtship, she premiered topics such as Dear John and I Knew You Were Trouble, compositions which for many clearly describe how was your dynamic with the ex of Katy Perry.

What does this gesture of Mayer is a signal to declare peace between him and Swift?

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