John Mayer tries to conquer the daughter of David Foster through Instagram


The ex of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift published a comment that sparked controversy

When it comes to getting an appointment, John Mayer -who precedes his reputation as a womanizer – not seems to have no limits nor shame. The singer, who in the past has maintained relationships with stars such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, he has not hesitated to express his special interest in the beautiful Erin Foster, the daughter of a powerful producer David Foster, using the profile of Instagram the father of it.

Taking advantage of that and David had shared a photograph with her daughter, to congratulate you publicly on the occasion of his 35 birthday, the artist of 39 years old did not hesitate to comment on the publication asking for the help of the producer to conquer Erin.

NOTE: Katy Perry makes very happy to John Mayer

“One of the loves of my life and my daughter’s favorite on a day like today. Happy birthday, Erin, I love you”, read the message with which David Foster accompanied a nice snapshot of yours posing next to the birthday girl.

Without thinking twice, Mayer wrote a message to David asking him: “Would it be possible for you comentaras something good about me?”.

For the moment, neither David nor Erin have responded to the gesture of Mayer, although the fact that the beautiful blonde -who has worked as a scriptwriter and actress in a series – is apparently a single might give you some hope that your boldness get the expected result.

In the case of the musician, in the last few weeks he had been linked romantically with the comedian Amy Schumer, after both were seen sharing what appeared to be multiple appointments.

NOTE: Taylor Swift is with her ex John Mayer and Katy Perry