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We are talking about two great faces of cinema, namely the charming Johnny Deep and extravagant Jenna OrtegaNetflix mini-series translator Wednesday. During these hours, there are rumors that there is something tender between the sixty-year-old youth beloved by many generations and Ortega.

This is a very hot hour for an actor de Pirates of the Caribbean and actress Wednesday as there are pushy scoops on their behalf who would like to see them together. We mean together as a couple. 60 year old man just got out of a hectic life divorce with his ex-wife, while she is only twenty years old and enjoys celebrity thanks to the mini-series of the Netflix platform.

Rumors spoke of one connection between them because they were seen together. The scoop has traveled all over the world and, in addition to a significant difference in age, they would also make up one whole. cute couple. However, tired of these rumors, the two parties directly concerned decided to break their silence on the situation.

Ortega and Deep together? Is it true

Both Johnny Deep and Jenna Ortega have huge followings and are also very popular on social media. For this reason, when the possible love story became known, many fans started dream. The translator was the first to break the silence. Wednesday what was said bewildered from certain news.

He did say that these rumors are so ridiculous who can’t even laugh. She also explained that she never dated or worked with Johnny Deep and the two developed a relationship as a result. impossible. He also commented that one should avoid continuing to talk nonsense and leave them alone.

Soon after this appeared negation even from Jack Sparrow, who says that he is outraged and shocked by these rumors, which can harm him not only professionally, but also personally. There is probably a huge age difference as well. He also confirmed that he does not have one. never metdidn’t even speak.

La Ortega too still lonely and has repeatedly stated that at the moment she is not interested in a romantic relationship. In fact, he wants to focus on his career, which we imagine is going very well, while he seems to be free after taking charge of one litigation for a very long time and suffered with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

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