Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, had defecated on the bed, and he wanted to do with the DNA of the feces”


Johnny Depp and the crazy idea of finding out DNA from the droppings left behind on the bed (maybe?) from Amber Heard. Yet another detail that comes out in the trial that is taking place to-day in the London’s high Court in which the star of hollywood, has sued the tabloid newspaper The Sun it is set a couple of years ago, in an article on a “shield” for the women. Once you’ve determined that you’ve Heard would be defecated on in the japanese twin, the reasons for which are still under the scrutiny of a psychologist), Depp would be the one in order to understand who you are, this stool belonged to a. He or she has testified, under oath, of the real-estate agent and author Kevin Murphy. “When he was informed of the incident, Johnny Depp had a disgust and anger. At this stage, I think he suggested that for the present, stool DNA tests to see who has come.” In the excited phase, which was followed by an annoying discovery, I saw Depp without a word, holding his smartphone in front of the photographs of the crime speditegli by the maid. From that moment, the Wife would have started to draw in the woman of “Amber, “Button”: both assonance with the last name Heard, which is the distinctive meaning as the “Amber’s piece-of-s…the“. “Also, She Heard that, she was angry with him, but that’s only because of the dissemination of the photos was not helping the cause of separation and divorce.” Murphy’s testimony, he also added that the actress might have said that, after you have left the stool on the bed,” it was “just a harmless joke“. And, in the process, against The Sun, you will is to build up, however, in the event, between the two ex-spouses, and their relations to power, and the real blame and accusations toward one another, the Ear is to run immediately to the officers on the grounds that he has never defecated in the bed of her ex-husband,”Murphy’s mind when he said that I had confessed to be the creator of the joke”. In the same vein, such as the attorneys of the Sun, who had accused the real estate agent and the Wife made it up to make it seem like you have Heard of the “absurd and offensive in the eyes of the public.”

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