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Johnny Depp lost a huge amount of money from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” fundraiser. How much money did the actor spend?

However, all that money he earned in decades of work flew by quickly because of his divorce from Amber Heard. Lately, the two ex-husbands have come to the attention of the tabloids when they started talking without a screen about the unpleasant experiences they went through during the relationship.

Johnny Depp lost a lot of money, paying for the lawyers who deal with the divorce, but he also lost a considerable amount because of the lawsuit he had with The Sun.

Almost all the money he raised from his roles in the famous films “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “21 Jump Street” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” went on Saturday .

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The actor lost $ 650 million

The actor admitted that he lost about 650 million dollars, money that he agonized over his career and did not get to enjoy them.

He also confessed that he lost the huge $ 100 million in taxes and poor management.

In court, Johnny Depp said:

“This is how the situation was presented to me, because I had no idea about money or the amounts of money. From “Pirates of the Caribbean” 2 and 3, I had – and it’s funny to say, it’s really embarrassing – apparently I made $ 650 million and when I fired (the managers) for good reason, I lost 650 million dollars, but we had another hole in the budget of 100 million dollars because they had not paid their taxes to the state for 17 years ”.

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This statement came during the conflict over his former relationship with Amber Heard. It seems that when he found out how much money the actor lost, this stress affected him a lot, even before an incident with Amber, while they were married.

The actor’s statements come after Amber sued him for the second time for being extremely violent and throwing a bottle of champagne at her.

Why Johnny Depp sued The Sun.

Actor Johnny Depp divorced his wife after he repeatedly abused her during his two years of marriage. What was written in the press about him infuriated the famous actor.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had been married for two years, and Amber confessed that it wasn’t all milk and honey. The actor allegedly hit her repeatedly, causing his wife to always be afraid of him. She filed a complaint against her ex-husband, which could damage her prestigious acting career.

Following what happened, the tabloid The Sun called the actor “a man who beats his wife”, and this led Depp to sue the newspaper. The trial took place at the Royal Court of Justice in London and lasted 16 days, according to hotnews.ro.

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