Johnny Hallyday nerdy? Pascal Obispo and Jean-Jacques Goldman’s response!


Johnny Hallyday’s very long career has been filled with many collaborations including those with Pascal Obispo and Jean-Jacques Goldman.

The rich career of Johnny Hallyday has been marked by many collaborations including that with Jean-Jacques Goldman. The favorite personality of the French began working with the Taulier in 1985 on the album Gang. Very accomplices, the two men will record ten songs, among which: I will forget your name, Envy, I promise you or Laura, written in honor of Laura Smet, the daughter of Johnny then aged 3 years. 

On his way, the Taulier also met Pascal Obispo. In 1998, Zazie, the singer and the idol of the Young people gave French song one of his biggest hits: Allumer le feu. The title was taken from the album Ce que je sais composed by the ex-juror of The Voice.

In the columns of the Parisian, Saturday, January 2, Yves Santamaria gave his expertise on the success of David Hallyday’s father, which spanned several decades. “Johnny is first and foremost an impressive vocal quality and physique. It cannot be summed up as a manufactured product. He quickly established himself as an icon of a generation, the post-war one, still marked by traditions but who wanted modernity “, explained the historian. “He had the talent to bring in new writers every time, from Goldman to Obispo. He never fell apart. They, for their part, were very happy to work with him, they did not find him out of date. “, he revealed.