Johnny Sexton: ‘Finn Russell is full of tricks and we have to be ready for it’

About Peter O’Mahony: “Peter has been a good friend of mine over the last 10, 11, 12 years. He’s been a consistent player in big games. He’s very different to some of the other leaders. You don’t see the real Peter Omaho Ni, he rarely appears in public. But he is the soul of the closed-door group. It is an honor to play with him.”

Regarding his physical condition: “I feel good. The game against South Africa was definitely the most physically demanding game since I’ve been back. It’s tough but this week off comes at the right time. “Before we start preparing again for this big game, we Have a few days to relax. “

Facing Finn Russell: “As I’ve said on other occasions, when they ask me about the situation in the opposition’s frontcourt, it’s never a question of one man against another, it’s about our team and how reliant we are on the teammates we have around us. . We rarely attack each other. We take charge of our team and he’s a great player. It’s full of tricks and we have to be ready for it.”

On the atmosphere he would like to see at the Stade de France: “The atmosphere against South Africa was very special and we really enjoyed the night and the celebrations. “We know there are a lot of Irish fans going to be there again and I think there will be a lot of Scotland fans going too, so it should be a spectacular event . “

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