Jolanda Renga, Anna Lou Castoldi, Deva Cassel and their VIP daughters

They are promising, aware of their media power and are protected by parents who have already walked the same path in the world of fashion, film or television. They are called Jolanda, Anna Lou, Virgo, Rebecca: if in their surnames there is a hidden connection with some of the most famous characters of the Italian and international stage, then in their names the full potential of their creative, interesting, charismatic personality explodes, even without the influence of their parents.

The just-begun television season, which oscillates in new balances that have yet to be deciphered, has brought attention to some of them: given the premises, we will be hearing about their careers for a long time.

Yolanda Renga, daughter of art

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Yolanda Renga, 19, with her mother Ambra Angiolini


Yolanda has great DNA: the daughter of Francesco Renga and Ambra Angiolini (now a judge for the new edition of the magazine). X – Factor), he is 19 years old and has just published his first novel. Has a name Something about the way he yawns, will be released on September 26th by Electa Mondadori and is a coming-of-age story that explores adolescence, fears, doubts and the search for happiness. An important challenge that Yolanda faced with the help of her parents and boyfriend Filippo Carrante, with whom she spent the summer in Africa volunteering and on safari.

Anna Lou Castoldi, the burden of two difficult parents

While Morgan’s father survived X – Factor Between the arguments and condescension continues, daughter Anna Lu, 22, sat with her mother Asia Argento in the living room very true tell what it means to be the daughter of two such difficult parents. Anna Lu is looking for her path and said in an interview with the publication in May Fan Page that she moved to the country so she could focus on her passions – art, writing and acting, DNA doesn’t lie in this case either – while trying to support herself. “I still can’t make a living from art,” she said about this, having just moved on to the set. Baby, a Netflix series in which she’s been noticed quite a bit, “so I’m trying to keep myself busy.” TO very true he admitted that he was no longer with his girlfriend, and this important story, however, ended: he was thinking about moving abroad with her in order to live more freely in his relationship.

Rebecca Staffelli, the new face of television

If Rebecca Staffelli’s name has been constantly circulating online since 2019, then just a few weeks ago her face also became popular nationally thanks to the small screen. Daughter of Valerio, historical correspondent Strip newswas actually chosen as a public correspondent for the new publication Big Brother which began on September 11 last year. A role in which he immediately convinced the audience, who, in reviews the day after the premiere, praised his charisma and stagecraft.

Virgin Cassel, ethereal, like her mother.

Paris, France, February 28 Deva Cassel attended the Christian Dior women's clothing fall-winter 2023-2024 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on February 28, 2023.  Photos by Pierre Suugetty imagesPinterest icon

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If there’s one rising fashion star who definitely needs no introduction, it’s Deva Cassel. daughter of Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci., who inherited from her parents undeniable beauty, breathtaking attractiveness and charisma, which is liked by glossy magazines and directors of the most important fashion houses. Virgo dictates fashion and sets trends, it is now a universally accepted truth: a million followers on Instagram and incredible collaborations on the catwalk and on set have turned her into one of the most popular influencers and top models in the world. A glimpse into the world of cinema, the love of both parents: he recently debuted in the film Laura Lucchetti Wonderful summerearning rave reviews from professionals.

Rosa Enginoli, new life in New York

In August 2022, an excited Claudia Gerini posted a photo from New York wishing her daughter Rosa, now 19, a great academic adventure at a Big Apple university. Also with them is Alessandro Enginoli, Rosa’s father, who was married to Claudia for two years, from 2002 to 2004, a clear sign of a family understanding that does not require formal ties to continue. Rosa, for her part, continues to hone the skills apparently inherited from her mother: her debut at the age of 11 in the film Fausto Brizzi. Guess who’s coming for Christmaswith subsequent participation in Remember, a short film directed by her ex, Federico Zampaglione (with whom Claudia Gerini had another daughter, Linda), and finally a television appearance in L’Aquila, great expectations reconstruction after the earthquake has already, to some extent, marked the future of Rosa Enginoli, who, after graduating from the capital’s film school and studying there, today continues her education in America. We’ll be hearing more about her both on and off the big screen. Insured.

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