Jomari Goyso on Jennifer López in Billboard magazine: “This little cloth so cute that only she is half elegant”

About the type of fashion that the diva represents, the Spanish critic has been clear when saying: “JLo uses her silhouette and her physique as the main tool”

Jomari Goyso like many other celebrities reacted to the cover of Billboard magazine that featured the presence of Jennifer López and Maluma. However, the famous Univision fashion critic focused on JLo’s appearance, due to the impressive dress she wore which covers only what is necessary and that many might even think that underneath it “La Diva del Bronx” is not wearing underwear…

For his part, the Spanish highlighted how the singer looks with this piece in black and is that for him, JLo this type of dresses is “half elegant”

“#Jlo on the cover of a famous magazine with this cloth so cute that only she is half elegant !!! Then my cousins ​​copy it and nothing to do with it 🙄 a family disaster…. 😒 ”, said Jomari Goyso.

Jomari, on the other hand, also held a fashion criticism session through Instagram. Where he spoke again about JLo’s black dress. There he also stressed that this was more of the same. And is that the trend “cut out” has been present for many years. And in the world of celebrity fashions, this type of design continues to reign on red carpets, especially in the Hispanic world. The reason why sometimes there is usually little avant-garde and fashion itself. The point that Jomari has always highlighted in her observations, asserting that few famous women dare to stand out for wearing something truly different and innovative. 

The Spaniard highlights that for the same magazine Jennifer López wore a white dress by designer LaQuan Smith, which repeats the trend of “cut out” and that in the diva’s curves it is even more revealing than the black design, according to the words of Goyso.  

Later he made a comparison of the type of fashion that Jennifer Lopez usually represents, compared to other celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker.

“Two successful women in their 50s with 2 different styles: #sarahjessicaparker uses clothes as accessories and fashion is her main tool. Her unkempt blonde hair is the hallmark that identifies her and has maintained it through the years! On the other hand, #jlo uses his silhouette and his physique as the main tool and fashion use it to promote his silhouette, he plays with different hair changes as one of his hallmarks over the years !! WITH WHICH ARE THEY MOST IDENTIFIED?

Before the question, several celebrities spoke out, one of the first was Ana Brenda Contreras, who claimed to feel more in tune with the fashion represented by Sarah Jessica Parker: “I identify with Sarah and you know it, but it is that if I had the body of JLo maybe he would walk like her 🥴 we don’t know ”.