“Jon Bon Jovi will not sing at my wedding with his son”

Jon Bon Jovi will enjoy the ceremony by taking on the role of a rock star.

What would you do if your or your fiancée’s father was a world famous rock star? You might try to get him to perform at your wedding ceremony. But not in case Millie Bobby Brownwho exchanges an eternal promise with Jake Bongiovi.

Speaking at Today with Hoda and JennaThe 19-year-old Stranger Things star explained that he felt like he was asking for a full-on show. Jon Bon Jovi he is a man always on the move, busy with a thousand things. Besides singing, he loves to be constantly on the move, playing tennis, one of his main hobbies. At least in this case, a short break would do him good, even if he doubted it would last long.

Jon Bon Jovi will not perform at his son Jake’s wedding to Millie Bobby Brown

Jon Bon Jovi will not sing at Millie Bobby Brown's wedding - Cinematographe.it

Millie Bobby Brown has very little idea how long she’ll last, maybe three hours. He will not rest for long and is not even sure that he can behave like a simple father of the groom. Usually it is he who finds himself in the center of attention and, taking a step back, evades his nature. He does not like to sit idle and, after all, it is possible that what will happen on the wedding day. But no one asked him to show off his musical abilities.

Millie Bobby Brown says she is at peace with the emotions she felt. Stress is zerobecause Jake is very involved in every decision. She has never felt lonely and thinks it is truly beautiful. After all, he added, it is a very intimate day for both of them and they are enthusiastic about it.

Jon Bon Jovi will not sing at Millie Bobby Brown's wedding - Cinematographe.it

Millie Bobby Brown herself announced her engagement in April last year. On Instagram, she published a black and white photo in which she showed off a large diamond ring on “that” finger, in the arms of her lover.

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