Jones mixtape Vegas is evolution for Jones’ artistic career

jones mixtape has a new project vegas jones, available on all digital platforms, CD and vinyl. distributed by Epic/Sony Music Italy, jones mixtape Originally marks a significant comeback for the artist from Cinicello Balsamo, who achieved gold record with his latest studio album beautiful music and ep fast ride Look for new confirmations on its path.

The Time Isn’t Right Now, But It Looks Like The Time Is Right For Vegas Jones, Vegas Jones has decided to officially present his new project on YouTube through a trailer that has direct interaction with fans. In the video, the artist portrays artistic journey and imagination jones mixtapeDefining the context in which it wants to fit through a very personal approach.

Doing so brings Vegas Jones closer to fans, turning the gaze on himself and letting his music speak for himself rather than his character, shunning the idolatry that often surrounds successful artists.

Vegas Jones birthed the project between 2022 and 2023, identifying the most consistent form for the mixtape to feature individual tracks that could vary by genre, without detracting from Vegas’ personality, which was we all know. Mixtape doesn’t represent an out-of-place genre change, far from the fanciness that a longtime fan would expect, but it does present an exploration of stylistic evolution and originality fueled by behind-the-scenes work.

Within the project we found several manufacturers, including Andre the Hitmaker, Young Snap, Finneas and Boston George Despite the passage of time, it has always been present in Vegas Jones productions, previously titled Project Nisello Chic Till today jones mixtape,

The collaborations that exist within the project are also no less, we find many collaborations including GemitizeDis Gacha, Slings, MV Killa, Quentin 40, Nitro, Nate, Monster And Three which is present in two tracks cry Me A River And Biodata,


project starts with song Development produced by andrey the hitmaker And finesseWherein, through the three beat “switch” we hear Vegas Jones effortlessly changing tone, flow and mood, demonstrating an ability to adapt the base to the desired conditions in either case.

The distinctive feature that Vegas Jones has accustomed us to with his stylistic path has allowed him to be more versatile and able to collaborate with multiple artists, in fact, inside Jones mixtapes we go. 500 white what he sees as the specialty sling To last Dance characteristic of This Gacha.

Vegas Jones’ approach to writing has always stood out for his ability to stick to tight bars while still managing to combine them with new-school melodies in which auto-tune plays a major role. in this sense the epitome of Vegas The perfect compromise between songwriting and urban style.

cover jones mixtape

Taking these two passages as an example to underline the difference in writing, we identify on the one hand 500 whiteA sly and practical character who always talks about girls in the context of the automotive world in his fantasy of Vegas, The Last Dance, on the other hand, draws perspective on the future by looking to the past, being mindful of what has been.

VEgas Jones and Dis Gacha fit the song perfectly, making for a true collaboration, both of whose lyrics deal with the same sensibilities but from different perspectives, Thus a conscious environment is depicted which transfers the emotions of the listener into the journey of the performers.

Time is precious, it’s worth more than money, it stops if you sing with me

Vegas Jones in the Last Dance with Dis Gacha

Vegas Jones’ writing has evolved alongside the artist’s personal growth, and with this the songs today relate not to mediocrity, but to well-founded reflections. While earlier the hunger to take over the world was understood, today the songs deal with more personal themes, such as human relationships, whether friendship or love.

Lonely feat. nitro And newt It reflects the need to listen that sometimes arises in a couple’s relationship, it is as if an artist had a direct conversation with his lover and explained one’s motivations and needs in relation to the love of music .

Vegas Jones ©️ Press Office Photo

means to them

among the wonders in jones mixtape The track names the same Vegas Jones Me as the producer. cry Me A River characteristic of Threewhich is an obvious reference to the song of the same name Justin Timberlake,

Despite the presence of many producers and consequently different opinions, The project follows a clear line, though remains true to the style of Vegas Jones with various nuances of sound. What is most noticeable on listening is how the drums are inserted and fit into the songs, If in the past they were on the surface while the music was below, today they have completely merged with the sound.

vegas jones

What does not change is the use of 808s even in more emotional songs, where claps and kicks give way to alternating voices. this is an example of Biodata Featuring Il Tre Produced By Andre The Hitmaker E madriel Where two artistes take turns to enact a song in which Badla plays the protagonist.

But jones mixtape It’s not just that. In fact, within the project Vegas Jones shows us how he is able to harmonize his voice regardless of the drums. Song like yesterday Featuring Monster Made by Boston George marco mara, Featuring a guitar riff that evokes that genuine nostalgia that refers to the past, The song is very special as it deviates from the typical rapper base but still retains the feel of the genre.


One can argue a lot about the expressive skills of an artist or the quality of the music, But the style in which he expresses it is always very individual.

Vegas Jones ©️ Press Office Photo

In fact, sometimes the attitude a rapper brings to a beat or video is just as important as the quality of the writing or the care of the sound. It should be noted in the world of Vegas Jones that there are always general references to cars, but also references to metaphors specifically with Mercedes or automotive components.

In the last period many artists are proposing their new logos to be released alongside their projects to make the product visually recognizable. The new Vegas Jones logo is made up of curved red lines that touch each other, and form the letters V and S, the initials of the stage name. But the real feature of this logo is its similarity to the Formula 1 logo.

vegas jones

Also, the choice of the dominant colors of the project is a detail that should not be overlooked. The most prominent color in the graphics, animation and cover is of course red, Which underlines and expresses the determination of an artist who wants to propose an answer through his music, not a discourse unto itself.

Within the project Vegas Jones’ style and over the top approach has matured and is aimed at a wider audience than in the past, including teenagers, past fans or listeners who still do not know the artist.

Within the project is a very special song that recalls the childhood of most of the kids who grew up between the years 2000 and 2010. song in question my dog where the chorus The melodic line from the Dragon Ball theme song, sung by Giorgio Vanni in the original version, is also present in the closing section of the song by Vegas Jones.

The single was released on June 16 and the mixtape was expected but today, the official video was released on Vegas Jones’ YouTube channel in which we get video camera shot scenes that alternate with cartoon animations. If you want to find an analogy with any other song that refers to childhood we can think of its video 883 of songs queen of celebritiesAlso made in cartoon style.

vegas jones

The project as a whole is certainly valid, the harmony between the parts shines, but what most needs attention is the good intention with which it was crafted: the listening is light and the message simple, no competition. But only a desire to cooperate to give beautiful music to the listener. Jones’ mixtape is a shining project that doesn’t criticize others but shines its own light, somewhat like Vegas, presenting itself as an ally of love while remaining solid in the face of adversity.

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