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Jordan Peterson references Bitcoin in his latest podcast

Controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson appears to have turned to Bitcoin (BTC) in the latest episode of his podcast.

On Tuesday, Peterson published a podcast titled “Bitcoin: The Future of Money?” who organized a panel of Bitcoiners which included John Vallis, the host of the Bitcoin Rapid-Fire podcast; The Bitcoin encoder Der Gigi; filmmaker Richard James; and Robert Breedlove, former hedge fund manager and host of the show What is Money ?.

In the video, Peterson, who claims to have an IQ of around 150, presents a succinct description of the innovation from which Bitcoin derives its value:

“It’s a very interesting idea that, in a way, Bitcoin provides an incorruptible language of value preferable to gold.”

Throughout the episode, The 59-year-old author urged his guests to provide their views on the value that Bitcoin brings to society and, in turn, returned their responses to them in an attempt to form a fundamental understanding of their key concepts.

“Then, [Bitcoin] it is completely transparent. It is fully distributed. There is no centralized authority. It cannot be broken. It cannot be stolen. It does not inflate. It cannot be inflated. It is not subject to any form of open administrative control “, He said.

While Peterson is not known as a cryptocurrency advocate, you may know more about bitcoin and blockchain technology than you can see in the video. The psychologist began accepting donations in BTC in 2018 after he boycotted Patreon over free speech issues.

Peterson has publicly discussed the importance of blockchain technology in multiple occasions, and during an interview with Grant Blaisdell in January 2020, he tentatively stated that:

“There are a lot of problems that this new system solves, but you can be absolutely sure that it is going to present a lot of problems.”

He also asked guests what they thought were the downsides of Bitcoin and addressed Elon Musk’s environmental concerns surrounding the sustainability of the mining practices behind the asset.

The consensus among the guests was that the energy required to maintain the Bitcoin network was worth it due to its transformative effects on society in terms of decentralization, and Gigi suggested that “society, in general, asks these questions about all kinds of things, ‘Are cars worth it? Are smartphones worth it? Is the Internet worth it? ‘”

Peterson then shortened the discussion by stating that if Bitcoin’s value propositions were found to be true, the result would be that:

“Any energy that is spent on the production of Bitcoin and the maintenance of the system should be more than recovered by the greater efficiency of each system that uses Bitcoin as a transactional device.”

“So there will be a net energy gain, not a net energy loss, if you calculate it across the entire system. And so, it is a mistake to simply look at the cost of generating Bitcoin in the absence of considering the efficiencies that Bitcoin would produce “, He said.

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