Jorts loafers and socks: Hailey Bieber and the casual chic look

Jerts, loafers and socks: Hailey Bieber shows off summer’s trendiest combo

The American model has become one of the most admired celebrities by Generation Z and her look is one of the most emulated in the current scenario. In fact, she has teamed up with her stylist, Danny Mitchell, to create some of the most innovative and inspirational looks. 90s minimalism, clothes oversizedA fascinating collection of sneakers and the most viral models in the collections of brands such as Saint Laurent or Vivienne Westwood make Hailey a true fashion icon.

This time, the founder of skincare brand Hailey rode, he wore a white cropped topthe best version of the classic white T-shirt, and a pair jortsThe hottest short jeans of the summer. Neither bermuda shorts nor shorts, denim shorts are its heroes Street style As well as favorites from Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Rosalia, among others.

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A simple and casual look, in which the model paired a pair of classic black loafers, instead of the more predictable sneakers, the shoes that dictate the autumn-winter 2022-23 trends, and which Hailey already habitually wears, with a bit of black Dress or long jeans and white socks with a happy mood. Used mostly for the rest of the year, these flats become the protagonists of casual chic summer looks.

Hailey Bieber paired the jorts with loafers and socks to complete the look, adding one important detail: an IT bag. A pair of Bottega Veneta, Sardina, Andiamo, Cassettes can elevate an outfit to an exponential level. Hailey Bieber has a remarkable collection of handbags from the brand – a favorite for fashion lovers and an object of desire among fashionistas. , And for this look he chose maxi jodi in black With distinctive weave. Here’s a costume made from simple items that can be easily replicated and combined.

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