Josee Dayan: This immense actor with whom the director could have lived!


This very famous actor with whom she would have liked to live is called …

The transition to a new year does not change the habits of Jordan de Luxe. Indeed, the host begins 2021 with the confidences of a new personality in Instant de Luxe on Non-Stop People. Her name? Josee Dayan! The director of the series C Capitaine Marleau among others was questioned on many subjects including Nicole, his companion. When asked how she lived up to her notoriety, she replied:

“She doesn’t care! Ah yes, for her it’s peanuts”, she began. “Sometimes that swells her up (…) She has a lot of character. Different from mine, I really like people who have character. I hate cowards, I hate soft people, I hate services, ” she blurted out.

The young man then wanted to know if his guest of the day could have “lived with a man”. “Why not. I could very well have lived with Gerard Depardieu. Because he is really fun to live with. Why not. Living with someone does not mean sleeping with! Not everyone is obsessed with sex. like you. There it is. It all depends on the character of the man, “ she revealed.

In her career, the 77-year-old has produced TV movies that have worked well. She had the chance to turn big names: Roger Hanin, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Jeanne Moreau, Arielle Dombasle, Muriel Robin, Florent Pagny …

However, she “at one point” faced a desert crossing. “I told a channel manager that he was c **. He didn’t like it. I was blacklisted for two, three years. But you see, I came back!” she explained without giving the name of this channel. “It was painful, not because I was not in the light (…) It was painful because what makes me live emotionally is to turn. I love to shoot and I need it. . But you see, everything is fine! “