Journalist Guillermo Barrios freed after near death: pictures

In the first few days, his condition was critical, and his family and friends asked prayer chains to help him recover.

But luckily Guillermo decided to fight, the doctors did their job, and the prayers and prayers reached their destination. In a miracle, nearly a month later, the journalist was released from hospital on Tuesday and will soon be able to return to work.

Guillermo Barrios reveals real cause of pneumonia

The reporter answered questions from Instagram followers and detailed his health concerns. “Why did what happened to you happen to you? A lot of pressure? You are young, I give you a hug”, one Instagram user asked. “And because he smokes like a toad… I say ABA because I’ve never touched a pipe in my life”, Barrios promised.

In another question asked, the reporter revealed what the main symptoms of his pneumonia were. “What the hell is going on, hospitalized so soon? You look really good”, Would like to meet one of his followers. “This is advanced bilateral pneumonia. Day after day, it all manifests itself, and the back hurts so much! “, He said.

when they asked him What do you miss most? Barrios is strong. “Now my house…my cat…my vinyl records… Works too, but you have to be 100%”, emphasize.

Image: RS Photo

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