Journalist Guillermo Barrios out of hospital: “Already at home, heart swollen with such happiness”

Guillermo Barrios has been released from the Finocetto nursing home (RS Photos)

Guillermo Barrios He was released from the Finochietto Sanatorium in July after being hospitalized. The producer became decompensated with bilateral pneumonia and had to be sedated and remain in intensive care on artificial respiration.

in exclusive pictures TV show, Guillermo was all smiles as he left the clinic with his partnerRamiro Garcia Moreno. The two took a taxi together and went to the apartment where they lived. There, he was surprised to find some balloons with this sentence written on them: “Welcome home”.

The reporter took to his Instagram account to celebrate getting home after overcoming the terrible moment. “I’m home now and my heart is full of happiness in front of my beautiful family: @ramsgm I love you! (Simon didn’t even give me a ball, but #ungrateful)”, He wrote on social networks and shared several photos, from which it can be seen that he is very happy.

Guillermo Barrios with his partner Ramiro
Guillermo Barrios takes a taxi home (RS Photos)

On July 14, the outstanding judges of the program will be determined gossip He was sent to the Finocchito Sanatorium. This all happened while he was decompensated with severe bilateral pneumonia. Doctors had to sedate him so badly that he was taken to intensive care and given artificial respiration.

As soon as the news came out, both the public and colleagues in the entertainment press were deeply shocked by his deteriorating health. They immediately started expressing their support and sending encouraging messages for his speedy recovery.

Guille Barrios discharged with illness
Guiller Barrios with his partner Ramiro García Moreno

in conversation TV showher friend and colleague gossip Pilar Smith He gave a rough description of his general condition. “His condition is critical, very serious..really complicated expect a miracle’, revealing in all sincerity that he shares his working hours with journalists online TV.

“He was with us the day before yesterday, super nice. He had a fever yesterday and didn’t come. Now that he’s hospitalized, he’s fighting on several fronts. Things are serious and we are praying. It was a very difficult project for me, for everyone … I speak for myself because I was in charge of the project, but obviously it was also for my colleagues,” Pilar said on her show “We love him, we love him, and we wish him a speedy recovery,” he added.

Then, Laura Ufar He shared a message on his network, copying what the producer’s news team said, in which the situation gave a more favorable indication of his condition. “Giye Barrios is going through a situation, although still serious, In the past 24 hours, his condition has improved slightly from his initial condition”.

They then added: “We thank the Finoquito Nursing Homefor the love, dedication, respect and professionalism they have shown and continue to do with their work”. The message ends: “We are very grateful and hopeful.”

On Sunday, July 23, his partner, Ramiro, reported that he had been extubated and was doing chat with the show nine o’clock in the afternoonthe reporter explained he is out of danger: “I am very happy. he is out of respirator And it’s getting better. It develops every day. His condition was serious, the pneumonia complex, but his desire to live was always there.”

Jill has come off her respirator and is adjusting to life without it. He is growing and we are taking care of him. What happened to him is over and we are focusing on improving him,” he continued. “He started to take care of everythingIn my case, I had a great learning experience. I’ve always been sure of my love for him, but now more than ever,” he said.

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