Journalist Guillermo Barrios posts first photos of him in nursing home after nearly two weeks in hospital

Guillermo Barrios’ health deteriorating (Instagram)

Since July 14, journalists Guillermo Barrios Fight for his life. This surprising news came from his classmates. gossip, Pilar Smith and Leo Ariasfirst on the radio and then on their network, they voiced their concern about the condition of a colleague with whom they shared a network TV show a day earlier.

The team member was decompensated with severe bilateral pneumonia. Doctors had to sedate him so badly that he was placed in the intensive care unit of the Finocchito Sanatorium, where he had to undergo artificial respiration. In the first hours, his condition was critical and his family and friends asked for prayers for his recovery. “It’s really complicated. expect a miracle’, Pilar Smith revealed at the time TV show.

But luckily Guillermo is also on the panel night of the ninth, He decided to fight, the doctors did their work, and prayers and prayers reached their destination. After a frustrating weekend, the reporter’s situation improved, and in the early hours of Monday, Laura Ubfal issued a new statement about the health of her colleagues, copying the producer news. The team’s statement.

“Giye Barrios is going through a situation, although still serious, In the past 24 hours, his condition has improved slightly from his initial condition”, which will read in the image.They then added: “We thank the Finoquito Nursing Homefor the love, dedication, respect and professionalism they have shown and continue to do with their work”. The message ends: “We are very grateful and hopeful.”

Guille Barrios returns to the web: his Twitter posts

A week passed and the producer continued his evolution so that His partner Ramiro said in an interview on the show on Sunday 23rd nine o’clock in the afternoon who was extubated and out of danger: “I am very happy. he is out of respirator And it’s getting better. It develops every day. His condition was serious, the pneumonia complex, but his desire to live was always there.”

Jill has come off her respirator and is adjusting to life without it. He is growing and we are taking care of him. What happened to him is over and we are focusing on improving him,” he continued. “He started to take care of everythingIn my case, I had a great learning experience. I’ve always believed in my love for him, but love him now more than ever,” he stressed, while trying to set a date for his discharge, he clarified: “Guille will be here whenever neededI can’t give a specific date because it’s not something we’re thinking about today. “

The next step is for Barrios to reappear on the social network, which he has been absent from during his recovery. First, he responded to messages of good omens and a speedy recovery from friends, colleagues and followers to thank everyone for their concern for his health. He then started making comments related to his profession, As a tribute to Flor de la V’s look in “I” this Wednesdayintruderinspired by the Brazilian Xuxa.

In this case, he uploaded a photo of the ward where he is still hospitalized. “Hope to improve… how are you?’, writing and thinking as he lay in bed at average height. Meanwhile, on Instagram, he opted for a different approach to the same situation and was appointed to the Finocetto Sanatorium to thank In both cases, he is once again beloved by the virtual community and will soon want to see him again on screen or online, practicing his journalistic vocation and enjoying life.

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