Journalist Guillermo Barrios reveals the real cause of pneumonia that led to his near death

Guillermo Barrios reveals details about pneumonia he had (Instagram)
Guillermo Barrios reveals details about pneumonia he had (Instagram)

health Guillermo Barrios continue in a Slow but gradual improvement.after you have been Sedate and intubate His recovery has delighted his family, friends, colleagues and even doctors at the Finocchito nursing home where he remains hospitalized, requiring him to be put on a ventilator because he has suffered from advanced bilateral pneumonia since mid-July. .

It all started suddenly, I had severe pain in my back.In those days, as he was able to learn TV show From a source close to the reporter Gossip,diagnosed as Pneumonia leads to multiple organ failure. In the first hours, while awaiting further clinical diagnosis, his partner asked for a prayer chain for his speedy recovery.For his part, his colleagues Leo Arias Sharing the news on his personal Twitter account: “We do not have online gossip on Twitter. We tell you that our colleague Guille Barrios has been admitted to the Finochietto sanatorium and is undergoing treatment “A very delicate moment in health.”

So on the second day of Barrios’ hospitalization, People are more worried about his health Because his condition worsened.At that moment, his colleagues could not believe how much his condition had deteriorated in such a short period of time, since just a few days earlier Guillermo had attended the Martin Fierro Award Ceremony and even a day before he had gone to the canal Worked for Net.TV, where he worked as a panelist Gossipresulting in a cycle Pilar Smith.

“He was with us the day before yesterday, which was great. Yesterday he had a fever and didn’t come. Now he’s hospitalized and several front lines are fighting them,” Smith explained. “The situation is serious and we are praying. It is a very difficult program for me, for everyone… I speak for myself because I am responsible for the program, but obviously also for my colleagues. “We love him, we love him and we wish him a speedy recovery”the driver is shut down.

Guillermo Barrios tells how his serious health issues started (Instagram)
Guillermo Barrios tells how his serious health issues started (Instagram)

As the days pass, His condition is improving, Once they managed to remove his intubation, he began feeding on his own and was moved from the intensive care unit to a room in a nursing home. From there, the reporter shared his daily life through his social networks. On this Friday afternoon, he answered questions from his followers and detailed his health issues.

“Why did what happened to you happen to you? A lot of pressure? You are so young, I give you a hug. ” asked one Instagram user. “Because he smokes like a toad… I say ABA because I will never touch anything again in my life. “Barrios said from his hospital bed. In another question they asked him, the reporter revealed what his main symptoms of pneumonia were. “What on earth happened to end up in the hospital so quickly? “You look really good,” one of his followers wondered. “This is late-stage bilateral pneumonia. Day after day it all showed up, along with huge back pain! “the reporter said.

when they asked him What do you miss most? Barrios is strong. “Now my house…my cat…my vinyl records… Work too, but you have to be 100 percent,” he stressed, showing what he was watching on the TV in his room at the time: Gossip Stream live from your workplace network TV screen.

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