‘JU-ON: Origins’: Netflix reveals when released this live action horror



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Very good news for the fans of horror japanese, since Netflix just associate with NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan to launch around the world JU-ON: Originsthe new version of Live Action of the Curse.

What you’ll have to wait a long time for this new series? Maybe a little because it is released until the 3rd of July. Now, JU-ON: Origins focuses on a paranormal researcher named Odajima and a girl who works in television call Haruka Honjo.

Both characters end up in the iconic house ‘haunted’ which Odajima starts to investigate. What follows after? You’ll have to see it in this new series which has the performances of Yoshiyoshi Arakawa as the researcher and Yuina Kuroshima as Haruka.

The last time that we knew something of JU-ON it was in a movie that premiered in June 2016 which consisted of a crossover between Sadako and Kayako.

If you do accounts, you already have a lot of time that we know nothing of the franchise, the Curse and get it again is surely going to excite many fans.

What was the last thing JU-ON?

Well, you already know that JU-ON: Origins will soon come to Netflixbut, what was really the last film that came out of this franchise?

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The last film of the curse was Ju-on: The Final which came out in Japan in June 2015. As its name indicates, the film was touted as the closure of the story. What is not ruled out is that it also should explore in the future the origins of the story.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that Sam Raimi launched a version of the west Curse in 2004 which had received pretty decent.

Speaking of Netflix, remember that this service will rise in price thanks to a tax that will enter into force from June. The best thing you can do is check your mail to know how much you are going to pay from now on.