Juan Falú arrives at General Pico and will give an intimate concert at MEdANo –

The distinguished guitarist and composer Juan Falú will return to the city of General Pico to present an intimate concert of Argentine popular music. The presentation will be on Saturday, December 4, at the Multiespacio MEdANo, at calle 24, corner 11, and will be sponsored by the Municipality of General Pico.

The guitarist’s presentation will begin at 9:30 p.m. and tickets can be purchased at La Huella Artesanía, things from our land (calle 20, Nº 755), and Nova Pizza (calle 17 corner 18).

Falú is a cornerstone of contemporary Argentine folk music. He was born in Tucumán in 1948 and comes from a family of musicians and guitarists, including his uncle, the legendary Eduardo Falú.

His guitar music recreates the freshness and inventiveness of popular melodies, and many of his songs are already established within the repertoire of prominent popular musicians.

As a performer, Juan Falú uses his vast knowledge of popular rhythms and shows an innate mastery of the art of improvisation.

At the age of 5 he had already started to play the guitar, learning from his father everything he could, since his uncle, Eduardo Falú, had been a kind of musical legend within the family.

At the age of 8, he began a somewhat more formal guitar education, learning themes and different rhythms, but always with the particularity that it was “by ear”.

The first time he went on stage was in 1963, when he was really overwhelmed by the audience that had come to see him. This fact led him even more to discard academic knowledge to fully cling to practical and experiential.

In 1970 he enrolled in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires, and like the vast majority of young people of the time, he began to serve in the military within a party. The subsequent repression and dictatorship led him into exile in Brazil.

There, he began his career as a guitarist musician, incorporating some sounds from the region into his much-loved Argentine folklore.

According to himself, this incorporation was merely accidental, but it helped him in his first years abroad.

Shortly thereafter, he began touring throughout Europe, making a name for himself in the cultured world of world music.

Upon his return, in the mid-1980s, he was received in Argentina as an artistic ambassador.

From that moment he began to carry out a series of projects to extend his knowledge, to bring it to the general public. Among them the best known are “Masters of the Soul” and “Guitars of the World”.

In the first, together with a series of renowned musicians, they pay tribute to the most influential folk artists in the country, while the second is more international and includes artists from all over the world.

It has an enormous link with the music of the province of La Pampa. Here he drew historical ties with the Bohemian Pampas. He met with musicians, poets and forged a friendship that lasts to this day. In 2019 he participated in the presentation of the book by “Paulino Ortellado. A guitar maker from the Pampas ”, a compilation made by Sergio de Matteo and the Secretary of Culture of the Unión Personal Civil de La Nación La Pampa section. Falú dedicated the song “A Paulino” to the Pampean guitar maker, a southern air. He also put music to “Confesión del Viento”, by Roberto Yacomuzzi.

Among the numerous recognitions he received are the National Music Award (2000), the Clarín Award (2001 and 2008) and the Gardel Award (2008).

Over the past 30 years, he has toured North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and has given concerts in prestigious venues in more than thirty countries.

His recordings include 24 solo albums and more than 50 guest albums by other artists. Juan Falú is the creator and director of the Guitarras del Mundo festival, considered the largest international event of its kind.

The concert will begin at 9:30 p.m. and tickets can be purchased at La Huella Artesanía things from our land (Calle 20, Nº 755), and Nova Pizza (Calle 17 corner 18).

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