Juan Guaidó participated in the protests in Barinas, where the regime refuses to recognize the opposition victory: “In Venezuela there is no respect for the vote”

Juan Guaidó visited Barinas
Juan Guaidó visited Barinas

“Barinas demonstrated that in Venezuela there are no conditions or respect for the vote, but there is the will to fight until it is achieved. Today they take to the streets in democratic resistance to defend their sovereignty, which was taken away by the dictatorship. We cannot leave them alone, “said Juan Guaidó on his Twitter account.

Opposition candidate Freddy Superlano won the elections on November 21, where relatives of Chávez have governed since 1998. He was competing against Argenis Chávez, brother of the former president (1999-2013) and candidate for reelection by the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

But the regime could not bear the defeat and used, once again, the Chavista Justice to prevent its proclamation.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court of Justice recognizes that the “projections set forth by the CNE” give Superlano 37.60% of the votes cast and Argenis Chávez 37.21%, but assures that the opponent was disqualified last August. The maneuver is absolutely irregular, since its application had been enabled in all previous instances, only now that it was successful do they claim that it was not.

In this context, the interim president of Venezuela went to Barinas and recalled that the abuses there are an example “that there is no rule of law that guarantees respect for the will of the people.”

"The next election must be to get out of Maduro", assured Guaidó
“The next election must be to get out of Maduro,” Guaidó said.

“The next election must be to get out of Maduro. The organization and the fight for conditions must be our focus of daily work. Faced with the abuses of the dictatorship: more unity, more strength and more strategy ”, he stated. And he asked: “We have to reunify to achieve a #NationalSalvation Agreement and free presidential elections that allow a solution to the crisis.”

Guaidó assured that what happened in the state of Barinas – the birthplace of Hugo Chávez -, where the Supreme Court of Justice ordered the repetition of the elections for the position of governor, is an “example” for the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union ( EOM-EU) and for the “world” that in the Caribbean country there is no “rule of law that guarantees respect for the will of the people”.

Barinas has a decisive symbolic component for Chavismo, which has ruled there uninterruptedly for 23 years, so a defeat would put an end to the dynasty that the Chávez built in the last two decades. Furthermore, aware of the lack of popular support, the regime urgently needs to show that it still has political power. For this reason, Barinas is not negotiated. There, even today, the memory of the former head of state is breathed, whose image is reflected on walls, facades and posters throughout the state.

Despite having won the governorship of Barinas, the opposition Freddy Superlano was disqualified by the Chavista justice (EFE)
Despite having won the governorship of Barinas, the opposition Freddy Superlano was disqualified by the Chavista justice (EFE)

In recent elections, Chavismo not only obtained the fewest votes in Barinas in the last decade, but also Superlano, who reappeared, prevailed over Argenis. But the dictatorship mobilized its entire structure to prevent the opposition from taking away its epicenter. “That a Chávez has lost is an important symbol, and a message for Maduro. Not even the last name Chávez is enough to guarantee victory “

, he commented to this medium Mercedes de Freitas, executive director of the NGO Transparency Venezuela.

The Vente Venezuela leader was blunt in ensuring that Chavismo “stole the election”. In that sense, he explained that Superlano prevailed by more than 2,500 votes difference. But after several days without knowing the final results, last Tuesday, November 30, the dictatorship, in an unusual and arbitrary maneuver, directly annulled the elections.


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