Juan Toscano: Looking for new opportunity with NBA Golden State Warriors

There is still more than a month left until the start of the season 2023-2024 of NBAMexican Juan Toscano Anderson He is still looking for new opportunities.

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The eaves I quit dispute FIBA World Cup and mexico team Focus on your experience american league As for basketball, he is looking forward to playing with golden state warriorshis team 2022 inside first mexican player exist Win an NBA championship.

Toscano-Andersonof 30 yearswas cut at the end of the campaign 2022-2023 for him Utah Jazzthe device only He played for six months.

After becoming a free agent, the Oakland, Californiahe was spotted in warrior training with his ex-partner Kent Bazemore.After a series of theories about his potential return to the team 2019 to 2022There is no official news yet.
Juan, Bazemore and another group of experienced players like Will Patton, Jalen Nowell, Stanley Johnson and Derrick Favorsthey are also looking for put on list of the last great dynasty NBA.

this Mexican Advantage Facts from the coach Steve Kerr He knows this very well.He gave it to him Chance from NBA G League Now he was trying to fill his eyes again.

Toscano-Anderson A year ago, after receiving golden state.He signed a new contract with Los Angeles Lakersbeside LeBron James, but he saw little playing time in the rotation.Later he was traded to jazz Nor did it play a leading role.

for him 30 yearslooking for a New opportunities in the NBA and wanted it to be close to his family in California.

golden state came back into the conversation as one of Main favorites for titlesby finding ways to maintain a talented team of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Greenin addition to adding experienced Chris Paul.

Juan Anderson’s statistics for the 2022-2023 season

  • Teams: 2 (Lakers and Jazz)
  • Number of matches: 52
  • Points: 3.0*
  • Rebounds: 2.4*
  • Assists: 1.3*

*: Average per game

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