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Juanma Castaño chats for a while every Thursday with Alberto Herrera. It’s a light-hearted moment where they analyze some of the issues in sports that are rarely talked about, or take the opportunity to tell an anecdote. After the video of Juanma Castaño on social networks, Alberto Herrera wanted to ask about her surprising appearance: “Yesterday I saw it on social networks Your video…”

You can listen to the audio of the conversation between the two, with Juanma explaining what happened to him in the audio below:

Juanma Castaño: “The worst moment of my life”

Alberto reminded Juanma that in a video the director of COPE’s El Partidazo appeared on social media suffering from some minor health problems, Juanma criticized the images in a friendly tone: “This is How needed,” he shouted with a smile. . “This was the worst moment of my life, physically and mentally,” he said, trying to justify himself to those who could see the photos.

For Juanma, the video to which Alberto Herrera refers is a sample of images of him being “turned into ruins.” Castaño himself considered it “absolute decadence.” And, joking aside, as can be heard in the previous audio, Juanma Castaño detailed what exactly is going on with his eyes, as seen in these images:

Juanma Castaño is recovering from an infection that eventually turned into conjunctivitis.

Women’s football, the center of conversation between Juanma and Alberto

In addition to the anecdotes with which Alberto Herrera and Juanma Castaño began their conversation this Thursday, they also focused on an aspect of women’s football that is not clear to everyone. This is related to the strike that started the F-League season, which finally appears to be over. The footballers’ strike has absolutely nothing to do with the Rubiales case and the famous Jeanine Hermoso kiss.

Juanma Castaño explains to Alberto Herrera the agreement that will be reached and the new minimum salary figures that football players will receive for this season and the following one. The issue of wages in women’s football has always been a controversial topic, as wages in women’s football are much lower compared to men’s football.

Juanma Castaño explained this situation as underconsumption. Viewers with freedom of choice will have the ability to support players in the F-League to make more money by generating the funds needed to grow this sporting category. .

You can hear the full conversation between Alberto Herrera and Juanma Castaño in the audio below, where they analyze the challenges and difficulties women’s football faces after a year of playing an unprecedented role :

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