Julia Fox: The look with a short dress made of hair and pointy shoes

Julia Fox: The look with the “hair” dress and Art Attack shoes

Julia Fox She’s a true chameleon: most people have her thanks to her brief relationship with rapper Kanye WestBut the Italian-born actress has a long career behind her unusual career From to rule from, artist, star of the series uncut gems and, more recently, influencer (But TIC Toc has about two million followers). her sense of style doesn’t even stop wondering because Julia has a real passion for emerging designersexcess Cold How crazy An example? To Paris for one special dinnerwas painted on the streets of the French capital wearing a sheer vinyl bustier sheath something that seems to encompass hair strands,

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This dress is designed by the designer of London Joanna Prazmois called Cyclone and is enhanced by specific clothespins used by hairdressers to keep length during Style Of the leaves L’abnormal effect is also amplified bylook hair wet form and lentils metallic makeupMade in shades of silver and lilac and now crafted by the prestigious thin eyebrows Who never stop setting trends.

to completeorganizations delicately purple colourThe mini bagwho seems almost on the verge of melting, and a pair of designer pumps Channa Studio With lots of applications on the tip which give another touch to the whole Singular,

in France on the occasion of Cannes Film Festival, Julia Fox made a mark on the red carpet thanks to dream clothes more similar to artwork Compared to real clothes. Phil RougeAlways clear vinyl Which seems to be one of the star’s favorite things at the moment, whose image is taken care of by her personal stylist briana andalore, look who thought one of a kind From this girl therefore had the merit of a brief association with the former Kim Kardashianshould change his mind: just look at him more unforgettable look Check out the gallery below to see if Julia really has style unique and personalHow unexpected

Julia Fox: 5 incredible and recent looks

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