Julia Miranda moved to clinic due to health complications, it’s known

Neoliberal Julia Miranda has been criticized by historical convention for setting up a subcommittee to study health care reform proposals.

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Neoliberal Congresswoman Julia Miranda’s team confirmed that the House representative felt unwell that morning and had to be attended to by congressional medical staff. She was then transferred to a clinic where any complications were ruled out and doctors advised rest.

“As advised by doctors, the representative is doing well,” Miranda’s team said in a statement. According to her advisers, the representative suffered from acute gastritis and, in accordance with congressional agreement, it was decided to transport her by ambulance to a medical center. center. “It’s nothing serious,” they insisted.

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While Miranda or his team did not confirm this, the gridlock in the corridors of Congress is said to have come amid criticism that he proposed redesigning President Gustavo Petro’s health care reform text. And debate it in the plenary session of the House of Representatives.

Julia Miranda’s proposal, which was approved in plenary session, involves setting up a “subcommittee” of all parties to find the best way to make the necessary adjustments to Colombia’s health system. She assured that there was no consensus on the submitted document, so it would be best to review the text, citing the president’s call for a national agreement.

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