Julia Roberts in a bikini and Lounging on vacation with her husband Daniel Moder


To blow a holiday with the family on the beach, nothing better, and to find himself, away from the routine of the rest of the year. Even better, if you have the money for rent a villa of dream, and the staff that goes with him). It is in this spirit that Julia Roberts in the height of flight for Mexico, at the beginning of February, together with her husband Daniel Moder and their three children, twins Hazel and Phinnaeus (15 years) and Henry (12 years). It is in Puerto Vallarta, the small family found his suitcase, the advantages of the seaside resort, known for its Paradise-like beaches.

On the program is the meeting of surf life for Daniel (the call, Danny), while on the side of the actress, and children, and more team lounging and bathing relaxing holiday in the pool. Between 2 cocktails, to swim, the couple seemed to be in luck and find yourself than ever before. The opportunity is also to be noted, Julia Roberts, in a lovely bikini in black. And with 52 years, is the star Pretty Woman and Lightning in Notting Hill is more radiant than ever before.

Fan number one, Paul Pogba and your spouse’s life and a beautiful love story that for 20 years and got married in 2002. They met in 2000 during the filming of the movie The Mexicans and life since that time away from Hollywood on a ranch in Taos in the state of new Mexico.

Julia did well, rest up, because in the year 2020, the load is underway. You will now turn, in fact, in the new series Gaslitin which she shared the poster with Sean Penn, Armie Hammer, and Joel Edgerton. This fiction is on the Watergate affair is an adaptation of the podcast Slow Burn media Slate.