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Julia Roberts (53 years old) is a woman you can say she has it all. She is beautiful, has a huge acting talent, has a charming personality, a unique smile, a lightning career in Hollywood and a beautiful family with her husband Danny Moder and their three children – Hazel, Henry and Phinnaeus. However, few people know that before she became famous, the actress faced a series of unimaginable personal dramas.

Julia Roberts became an actress from an early age and quickly won the public’s admiration, but until she was recognized on the street by those who saw her movies or television appearances, the superstar went through a difficult period of her life.

Julia Roberts’ parents divorced when she was 5 years old. Shortly after the divorce, Julia’s father, Walter Grandy Roberts, died at the age of 44 from neck cancer.

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The actress was then left in the care of her mother, Betty Roberts, and her stepfather, Motes, a man 11 years younger than Julia’s mother, who worked in an antique shop. Betty and Motes have been together for 11 years, the international press reports. Julia’s brother, actor Eric Roberts, described his stepfather as “weird” because the man terrorized and abused his children.

Eric moved out of his parents’ house after his mother’s second marriage and revealed that he had made this decision because of his stepfather’s behavior. It seems that Motes had big problems with excessive alcohol consumption and was very aggressive towards his wife and children. Motes used to destroy objects in the house when he got angry. Julia was so frightened by Motes’ aggressive behavior that she often hid from her friends to avoid going home to witness new episodes of terror.

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In 2004, the writer James Spada published a biographical work about Julia Roberts, in which she talks about the abuses that the actress went through. Confronted with what is told in the biography, Julia Roberts said that she refused for a long time to talk about the abusive father, out of respect for her mother and step-sister, Lisa.

After 11 years of torment, Motes abandoned Julia’s family and changed her sexual orientation, currently living with her partner Timothy Raasch. Over the years, the allegations made by the Roberts family against Motes have not been rejected by him, as he seems to have remained silent on the subject. Now he is threatening to write a book revealing his views on the 11-year-old Roberts’ family home.

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