Julia Rose Says ‘don’t Scroll Without Saying Hello’ With Scandalous New Shower Photo


Julia Rose Says ‘Don't Scroll By Without Saying Hi’ With Scandalous New Shower Photo

The world Series flasher Julia Rosa is back with his latest outrageous post on Instagram, showing herself taking a shower. The model of followers on the popular social media platform seemed to appreciate the intimate look into their hygiene habits.

In the not safe for work

image, Julia was in the shower, and there is a jet of water that falls. The glass shower door seemed to be open despite the wet situation, and a bath tub, cabinet and a mirror could be seen in the bathroom. Completely naked, and the drops of water that passes out of the Shag Mag the founder of his tanned skin. The model faced mostly away from the camera, at a low angle pointing upwards, and she used both hands to hold each side of your back to create an upside-down heart-shaped. When the shutter-release button is pressed, Julia highlighted brown hair was not wet, and it hung in touseled waves down to her back with her long bangs framing part of his face. His nails had a long, light-colored manicure, that contrasted with his tan. It also appeared as if the model had not washed his face, however, during the shower, because she seemed to have on some eye makeup, and her long lashes curled up from his big brown eyes. Her lips were slightly separated, and a couple of his upper teeth were visible.

Julia urged his followers not to keep scrolling through her sexy picture without saying hi, and many of them obliged. In a little over an hour, more than 10,600 took the time to leave a comment for the model, and more than 443,000 Instagrammers shared the love by hitting the “like” button. A lot of people that commented with a simple hello or called emoji on the post.

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where are we going?

A post shared by Julia Rose (@its_juliarose) on October 16, 2019 at 2:19pm PDT

“I just had to type hi with my eyes closed, because my friend is a boxer,” wrote a devotee of the entrepreneur.

“All screenshot is now about to be removed in 5 minutes,” a second follower warned, making reference to Instagram’s nudity policy.

“When Julia posted a normal pic? I want to say, love the content, though,” in praise of a third fan of the nude look.

“Hello, Julia! How to make your photos have not been deleted by Instagram, while my wife’s pictures are continuously removed?” a fourth Instagrammer asked.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Julia shared another risque photo of herself wearing a soaked white t-shirt with the pink in the background, and she declares the line of contact of sliding of the queen, who appeared to the delight of his many followers.

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