Julia Salemi, three presenters who inspire her: “What I would like to become”

Julia Salemiinfluencer with almost 2 million followers was the subject of a long interview for the 27th hour Corriere della Sera, in which she spoke on a topic very dear to her: brave women and dreams dear to young thirty-year-old guys like her. Salemi also spoke about freedom and how this topic can be relevant today.

Julia Salemi and her ideal of freedom

“I am the daughter of a woman who left her country at the age of 18 in 1978 because the Iranian regime would not release her.”“, Julia Salemi explained in a lengthy interview. “So I am the daughter of a woman who runs away and fights for her freedom, in fact I am the daughter of a partisan.”he continued.

Giffina’s ex admitted that she achieved financial freedom through her work. “although I have not yet achieved freedom of expression, and it is this search that goes in parallel with the maturity of a woman”– he admitted.

Julia recently blew out her first thirty candles. But what kind of woman do you feel like today?

I often still feel like a teenager with a poster of Zac Efron and Britney Spears in my room. But then you grow up, and life tells you: “Hey you, brunette, look, you’re thirty, aren’t you, you’re doing something good?”. And then I look inside and I start to see the woman I wanted to be. I’m chronically insecure, Bridget Jones from Piacenza with a unibrow, today I’m starting to like myself and love myself for who I am.

The influencer also spoke about the difficulties he faced during his career:

I moved to Milan at 20 with 500 euros but pockets full of dreams. Milan is a ruthless city for a provincial girl, and if you do not have a strong character and reliable friends, it is easy to get lost in it. I got a lot of nos and many expectations were dashed, but I never stopped thinking that tomorrow would be better. The world of my work has always been a chauvinistic world and it is only today that women are starting to make an impact and know how to protect themselves with determination and professionalism.

And as for the women who are a big source of inspiration for her, here are the names mentioned:

My grandmother is a constant source of inspiration. In my work, I love Alessia Marcuzzi, Michelle Hunziker and the wisdom of Sylvia Toffanin. Three women who, when put together, represent who I would like to be.

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