Julián Alvarez’s 17 goals in this River champion

Determining where you look at it. Julián Alvarez continues to show why he is the best player in the championship. And the most influential because when a team has a forward of this level … River has it and he enjoyed it. He knows that it will be difficult to retain him for a long time but in the meantime, he screams his goals.

Goals for all tastes. Alvarez’s level in the tournament is impressive. After lifting the Copa América in Brazil, the kid did not stop growing and in Olé we show you his 17 goals in this tournament. His 17 conquests for Marcelo Gallardo’s team, very close to the title.


17. To secure the title vs Racing

River was winning well in the Monumental with a goal from Palavecino but Julián wanted his goal, I wanted to leave the Monumental and super calm that the return was a reality. What a cross definition!

16. Winning goal to pass to Platense

He started and ended the play with a pass to the net behind the wall with Enzo Fernández, unstoppable and again a decisive goal for Julián.

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12, 13, 14, 15. Poker against Board of Trustees

Another epic night for JA9. Four goals against the poor Board. A real nightmare. Three in the first half and another in the ST to put that amount for the first time in his career. Also, scorer of the Professional League. Another monumental ovation.

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11. His contribution to Argentines

Combination with Palavecino and Romero to settle the matter against the Bug in the Monumental. 3-0 and another party.

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8, 9, 10. Hattrick to the Cyclone

Julián Alvarez had a few dreamy weeks. After breaking it in the Super, he had minutes with the National Team, Cholo Simeone praised him in an interview with Olé, Gallardo highlighted it in the previous one and he answered simply: three goals for River to move away at the top and beat San Lorenzo 3-1.

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6 and 7. Superclassic double

The Spider was intractable. Two goals to win the classic against Boca at the Monumental by 2-1.The first with a bombshell (Rossi hesitant) with a game that he himself put together. And the second, Julián went to look for the center back and with a subtle touch he crossed it to the Boca goalkeeper.

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5. Continue on a streak with Central Córdoba

River victory in Santiago del Estero 3-1 and Julián Alvarez’s goal was to put the story 2-0, and he seems determined to score goals. The team put together a counter that seemed lethal. It was diluted in a rebound and the Spider’s tremendous right hand appeared to drive her into the corner.

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3 and 4. Newells suffers

River, as a visitor, he walked it to Newells winning him 4-1. Julián put the second and third of the team. Also look at the control prior to the first double in Rosario.

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2 – Almost double against Aldosivi

At 14 minutes he opened the game. And then at 31 he had the chance to score the second but missed a penalty. River ended up winning 2-0.

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1 – He started his series in defeat with Godoy Cruz.

Tomba won the game 1-0 when Julián Alvarez tied. Then River was not fine and ended up losing the game.

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