Julián Álvarez’s viral move that is all the rage

To speak of Julián Álvarez is to refer to the Argentine soccer striker who is on everyone’s lips. The 21-year-old kid who already has a National Team present, who became the MVP in River and whose future doesn’t seem to have a ceiling. The little boy from Calchín who not only scores goals in quantity and of all kinds and colors, but also stands out for his enormous range of resources. Like that play he rehearsed against Estudiantes, which went viral on the networks and reached Europe, where they have been eyeing this tip with crack paste for a long time.

Álvarez, in action (PAGNI / AFP)

Álvarez, in action (PAGNI / AFP)

It deserved to be a goal, without a doubt. They were 19 ‘from ST in La Plata, the match was 1-1 and Araña entered into action. He caught the ball in the Estudiantes field and for a moment he put on the suit of a certain Lionel Messi …

Why? With his ability to cost, Álvarez faced the defense of the Pincha and endured against the persecution of three rivals. Yes, the pressure was benched by himself, he took good care of the ball and ended up generating a perfect center for Braian Romero, who in front of the goal ended in the worst way a game of 9: he sent it to the clouds! Of not believing …

It would have been the bow to a messianic move from Cordoba, although the award went to the striker. Because his play, even without having finished in a goal, It went viral on social networks and the comparison with the classic movement that patented the crack of PSG and the Argentine National Team was inevitable. And of course, in Europe they did not take long to enjoy the class of this striker who is already in the orbit of several strong teams from the Old Continent.

For example, the Fiorentina It is one of the teams that are scored in the bid to try to stay with the MVP who has already entered the Top 10 of the top gunners of the Gallardo cycle (he is 9th, with 27 goals in 89 PJ). The Italian cast in which Lucas Martínez Quarta plays has already shown interest in Julián, whose exit clause from River is € 25,000,000 although as a counterweight he still does not have a community passport.

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Be careful, in Italy there is also another club that is eager to take him: the Milan, one of the leaders of Serie A alongside Napoli, evaluates the chance of approaching a deferred purchase proposal, ensuring the forward from June 2022. To that list of Italian clubs we must add the cases of Bayer Leverkusen, Aston Villa and even Real Madrid, others that could get into the bid for Calchín.

Julián’s renewal, a whole topic

That is why the issue of Álvarez’s renewal – expires in December 2022 – will become a matter of state in River. Because in Núñez they know that it is very likely that sooner than a European club will formalize a proposal to keep their crack pigeon. The one who scores goals and has flashes of the level of a certain Messi …

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