Julie Bowen addressed the rumor that she underwent plastic surgery after filming the pilot


Usually, the stars look different when you compare how they look to the beginning of a program until the end. That is especially true for Modern Family because that lasted 11 seasons.

There were rumors that Julie Bowen underwent plastic surgery since they filmed the pilot. Discover the reason why they gave the change in his face, and more.

Lisa Kudrow was considered for the role of Claire Dunphy

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Considered many actors for the cast of Modern Family. Some of them were already in successful comedies of situation as Ed O’neill.

It was considered that Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay in Friends, was the mother of three children. She decided to reject it.

“I thought:” I don’t know what I would do with him“, ” he said according to Access. “And, you know, that’s all. Julie Bowen knows what to do with it, so everything is as it should be. “

She was not the only cast member of Friends that are considered for the program. Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribbiani, was considered for Phil Dunphy.

“I remember reading it thinking, this is a script really good, [but] I’m not the type for this, “ said LeBlanc to USA Today. “We would be doing the project an injustice by taking this. I know what I can do, I know what I can do. In addition, I’m having fun too lying on the couch “.

Julie Bowen looked different in the pilot because she was pregnant

Julie Bown as Claire Dunphy in “Modern Family” | Eric McCandless via .

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Some people noted that Bowen looked different in the pilot of Modern Family. They assumed that underwent a plastic surgery, but she revealed that it was the pregnancy which made it look different.

“My face was pregnant,” he said in the book Modern Family: The Untold History of One of Groundbreaking Sitcoms of Television, according to NY Daily News. “I had tons of hair and it seemed that they injected me with the lips because she was very swollen. And I had these huge tits that were terrifying. I read online before I do my rule of “Not to Google”, on how clearly I had a plastic surgery. What? Were painful udders of a cow.

However, the actor has nothing against to reveal things she has done to the face. Later he spoke about that in an interview.

Had lasers pointed at his face.

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Bowen finally talked about a procedure she had done. “I have pointed the lasers to the face and I would like to do Fraxel, the deep one that you spend a month undercover because after you look horrible,” she told Health magazine.

She continued: “But the results are amazing, as if someone had removed the time from above. I find it strange that people choose to do things that make them seem expensive crazy Hollywood, but I don’t have any judgment about it … I’ve worn some ugly shoes “.

So people are not wrong to capture something different about the face of Bowen in the pilot. However, it is pregnancy and not plastic surgery.


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