July 25th News Headlines


Tuesday, July 25, 2023

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These are the facts that stand out the most in the national and international news.

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Three Highlights of the Day

* The Court of Justice and Peace categorically deprived Salvatore Mancuso of his liberty, authenticating copies to investigate the judge who granted him the benefit, Semana reported.

* The women’s football team is strong, beating 11th-placed South Korea 2-0.

* Defense Minister Ivan Velazquez hospitalized with urinary tract infection.

international News

* The World Health Organization has assured that no country has complied with annual air quality guidelines since 2021. The World Health Organization reports that fine pollution particles kill 6.4 million people a year.

* The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new drug to slow Alzheimer’s disease.

* Nicaragua and North Korea to open embassies in their respective countries. The Central American country’s first lady and vice president, Rosario Murillo, stressed that the decision would strengthen relations between the two countries.

* The World Health Organization says more than one million new cases of sexually transmitted infections a day pose a major health challenge.

* 100 days of armed conflict in Sudan has ended. UNICEF exclaims that 2,500 violations of children’s rights have been reported during these months of fighting.

* UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine’s historic center of Odessa. According to Ukrainian reports, the incident caused civilian casualties and damaged the city’s Transfiguration Cathedral and other historic buildings.

* UN requests $23.8 million to rebuild Jenin Palestinian refugee camp.

* U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Republicans were preparing to impeach President Joe Biden.

* There will be more than 400 mass shootings in the US in 2023, according to CNN.

national news

* Gustavo Bolivar to be candidate for mayor of Bogotá for historic convention. The former senator pledged to present his government plan on Friday.

* Defense Minister Iván Velásquez has been hospitalized at the Central Military Hospital since Friday and is reportedly being treated for a urinary tract infection.

* The attorney general’s office referred four cases against Armando Benedetti, Colombia’s former ambassador to Venezuela, to the Supreme Court. The cases brought by the charging entities include: illicit enrichment of public servants, financing of election campaigns from prohibited sources, crimes against mechanisms of participation, and undue advantage in entering into contracts.

* Santiago Castro formally runs for governor of Valle del Cauca province.

* The new Bavarian beer Nativa arrives in Cesar, highlighting the flavors of the region.

* In the first instance, the Attorney General’s Office suspended Cartagena District Mayor William Dau Chamat for four months.

* The attorney general’s office said it charged Cali Mayor Jorge Ospina with alleged irregularities in the organization of the 2020 fair.

* Ecopetrol President Ricardo Roa becomes a member of the Interconexión Eléctrica SA (ISA) Board of Directors.

* Exports from free zones rose 1.6% in May this year, The Danish newspaper reported.

* The dollar settled at an average of $3,950 as bank rates hiked.

sports news

* Next contenders in the women’s soccer team, Germany, scored six goals in their 11th-team match against Morocco.

technology news

* Samsung Columbia announced preorders for its first 98-inch smart TV with QLED screen technology.

* By applying artificial intelligence in point-of-sale execution, companies can save 60% of their time and invest in more strategic tasks.

*Technology provided by StoreView and StoreConnect uses artificial intelligence and image recognition to improve channel execution and take action at the point of sale in real time.

Entertainment and Media News

* “Ana de Nadie”, produced by RCN Televisión, will end this Tuesday (July 25).

*Starting My Name this Wednesday, there will be a new, engaging jury: Symphony, a tuning genie created with artificial intelligence.


* Cartagena: No. 1 most popular coastal city by Kayak Travel Awards.


* International Day for the Prevention of Drowning.

Big news happening on July 25

* Santa Fe striker Hugo Rodallega Martínez (Hugo Rodallega Martínez) was born on July 25, 1985 in Candelaria, Valle del Cauca.

a great colombian

* Colombian product: Santanderean Tamalitos.

Curiosity Only mammals have eyelashes.

Phrase of the Day “I hope what I say now will be valid for many years”: Jaime Garzón.

Cemex’s price for a 50kg cement bag was $28,000 that day.

USD price 3,971.38 Colombian pesos.

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This news has been read by 2101 people

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