July 31, World Orgasm Day: the most famous films that fight prejudice

World Orgasm Day has been celebrated since 2015 mainly in the US, Australia and the UK. However, on August 8, exclusively female pleasure is celebrated. The day is intended not only to dedicate 24 hours to a moment of pleasure, but above all to fight the prejudices and taboos of society. What are the most famous films that immortalize the moment of pleasure?

world orgasm day

July 31 - World Orgasm Day
July 31 – World Orgasm Day

World Orgasm Day is celebrated on July 31 and is an appropriate occasion to discuss a topic that is still taboo. The manifestation is not well known, and it is often believed that topics in the personal and sexual sphere, such as orgasm, are inappropriate and therefore cause embarrassment and discomfort. World Orgasm Day, first celebrated in 2015 in Anglo-Saxon countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, invites us to consider sexuality in a conscious and calm way. A study conducted by a group of psychologists showed that 64% of women out of a thousand admitted that they did not achieve orgasm. Underlying this difficulty are some sociocultural factors that make it difficult to experience the spiciness of pleasure without inhibitions.

Taboo for women.

Prejudices about pleasure and sex are mostly related to the culture and education that many have grown up with. Women are especially accustomed to seeing something forbidden and wrong in pleasure. This has led to various taboos and prejudices in society. “There are a lot of women who feel less complete, and therefore fewer women because they don’t have orgasms. The feeling of frustration towards oneself, which then intensifies primarily in heterosexual couples, also pours out on a man who considers himself insufficient precisely because he is not able to please his partner. In fact, there are many reasons behind this situation, rooted in upbringing, ”explains Roberta Rossi, a psychotherapist and sexologist.

Most Iconic Films

The world of cinema has produced various films, famous and less known, where we see many scenes that immortalize the ultimate moment of pleasure. The first film to feature an orgasm scene was 1933’s Rapture with Hedy Lamarr, which was later branded as an obscene film. Another example is “Friends with Benefits” with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, where not only the sexual sphere is shown in the simplest and most natural way, but also female pleasure is placed in the center. How can we forget Meg Ryan’s iconic orgasm in When Harry Met Sally in a cafe in front of the whole room. Even the 1960s film Barbarella fights all sorts of taboos by showing a space traveler being exposed to the Excess Machine to the point of maximum pleasure. Cinema has thus, to a small extent, also managed to cope with problems that are inconvenient for modern society.

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