July’s Playlist: There’s more to catchphrases

We are now at the end of July and as expected jumlebaazi is dominating the rankings and ratings. On the other hand, it’s nearly impossible to avoid, given that radios are playing them on loop and even musical TV programs feature the artist-producers of these hit songs on stage.

However, if this time of summer starts to tire you out and want to hear something different, we’ll take care to suggest an alternative playlist. In fact, there is much more to it than catchphrases.

international hearing

This time we’re opening with international music, much to the delight of xenophiles. And of course we can’t help being infected by the prevailing Barbie-mania, so we point to the release of what am i made forsong by billie eilish Part of the tracklist of the soundtrack Barbie – The Album. It’s a delicate song, accompanied by a beautiful video clip directed by Billie himself.

The former One Direction are back after an absence of over two years zain usually with summary title track love like this According to the artist, this is the first taste of what the new album will be like.

new album by thirty seconds to MarsBut meanwhile the band, founded by Jared Leto and his brother Shannon, gives us the third quote from the title. wake up baby,

Speaking of albums, we present to your attention Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Of Taylor Swift: This is the third re-recording of their discography and includes six unreleased tracks, including Castles Crumbling (From The Vault) featuring Hayley Williams, Electric Touch (From The Vault) featuring Fall Out Boy, and I Can See You (From The Vault).

One of the best news this July is undoubtedly the release of darren’s songwhich marks the return of the great stigma Eight years later. Among the protagonists of this edition of Lucca Summer Festival, Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree present a double gift to their fans, who can hear them both live and on this album, the ninth from a career that began in 1988 and exploded in tandem with the Britpop boom of the 90s.

In the 90s, there were not only kings but also queens pj harvey: They have also recently released their highly anticipated new album i’m dying inside the old year, which comes seven years after the previous one. Produced by longtime collaborators Flood and John Parish, the album is intense and lively, sometimes chilling.

between tv and music

TV, as we know, is a great sounding board and has allowed many artists to make themselves better known, albeit in contexts other than music. Let’s think, for example, of Cristina Scucchia who, after renouncing her vows (we are now talking of the former Sister Cristina, winner of the 2014 edition of The Voice of Italy) took part in the latest edition of Isola dei Famosi. But now she’s officially back to the music she loves and has released an EP happiness is one directionwhich includes the song of the same name and versions in English (Happiness Is Out Destination) and Spanish (La Felicidad es el Destini).

He always comes from The Voice, where, however, he served as a judge alongside his father, Albano. jasmine carissi The young lady with music literally in her DNA is back with a new title heartbreakWhich conveys a desire to experience a carefree warmth in contrast to the gloom associated with the idea of ​​a person who turns even a sunny day gray.

there is Grandpa, One of the most interesting cast members of the latest edition of The X Factor, who is joining us for the project this summer mamarella Composed of six songs (each with a story in voice-overs, reels and dedicated scenes) that will be released week-by-week every Friday till 4 August. A fascinating journey into his world made of tradition and contemporaneity, full of evocative sonic nuances.

We leave the world of reality TV and talent shows to go into the world of TV series. After Matteo Paolillo and Clara Socini, let’s discover the singing talents of another member of the Mare Fuori cast: Maddalena StornioloThe actress who plays police officer Maddalena in the series has now made her music debut with the single puppets,

evergreen artist

There are artists who have crossed several generations with their music and managed to bring them to an agreement: this is the case bobby solowho recently came out with a new single titled you steal my heart, whose text was written by his historical colleague Carlo Zanetti. It is a catchy composition with scintillating rhythms, which tells of a man left alone with himself, grappling with a somewhat complicated love story, set apart from the very indifferent world around.

Have you always loved italo-disco? Know well that one of the top representatives is back, ie gary lo which gives us a reinterpretation of NinaA hit from 1985, that still makes us dance.

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