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I'm not a lady (USA Rai)

I’m not a lady (USA Rai)

Paradise 121:15: Noos – Adventure of knowledge – New

Documentation. Alberto Angela’s guest is Harrison Ford, who returns to play Indiana Jones in the fourth film in the series: a fictional archaeologist animated by the same curiosity as Noos’ spirit. There will also be other guests in the studio who will return multiple times throughout the series: astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti will take us on an exciting journey into space, starting with this first episode from takeoff; the historian Alessandro Barbero, speaking of Napoleon, will show the role of propaganda in the construction of a historical personality; writer Carlo Lucarelli will tell the story of Prussian blue, “the color of the devil”; Cicap national secretary Massimo Polidoro warns us against fake images created by artificial intelligence; twenty-five years after the invention of the blue pill, sexologist Emmanuele Giannini will tell us about our sexual behavior; Nutritionist Elisabetta Bernardi will talk about the mechanism of satiety and how to stimulate it with anti-hunger cookies. The Adventure of Knowledge, subtitle of the program, is set in a series of film services. Particular attention is paid to the theme of the environment: diving into the depths of the island of Giglio, we will see how the scientific team took care of the marine environment affected by the crash of the Costa Concordia. Out of curiosity about everything that moves in the field of scientific research, Noos went to the school of St. Anne in Pisa: here an artificial hand was created that responds to the mental movements of the patient. The result borders on science fiction. Speaking of science fiction, let’s take a look with Luca Perry to see what’s believable and believable about a Star Wars lightsaber. This first issue of Noos pays tribute to the memory of the great scientist Marguerite Hack, who passed away ten years ago on June 29th.

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