June Playlist: Catchphrase What a passion!

What could be the ideal slogan for this early summer? But of course “Catch Hit, What a Passion!”.

In fact, there is great enthusiasm in the world of pop, especially in Italian, with many artists who have decided to join forces to create pieces destined to become a hit.

Would they have been successful? Difficult sentence to the listeners. But don’t worry, for this June playlist we thought we’d also show you, as always, the most sought-after record releases, exclusively from the indie scene and its surroundings.

characteristic tendency

In recent years, Italian music has discovered the beauty of the attribute and this card is played especially in the summer.

There’s a regular Fedez who wanted a friend by his side this year Article 31 and hit maker Annalisa to give life disc heavenWhich has a post-80’s flavor and the refrain that pops into your mind the first time you hear it.

Fabio Rovazzi answer with italian discoBringing the famous Orietta Berti into her artistic world: the result is a nationally-popular piece (in a positive sense) that has already won over everyone, young and old.

Marco Mengon duet is also very popularI & Elodiecon crazy musicA fresh and sensuous pop-funk piece that seeks to be a hymn to freedom, an invitation to let go and let go of daily worries and savor the joy.

Caribbean rhythm instead of i Boomdabashwho plan to make us dance this summer lambda Featuring Paola and Chiara. Who better than him?

Let’s move on to urban music, where we find rappers Tony Efe who wanted emma maron’s voice in their taxi to the moonwho is one of the signatures of multi-platinum producers Takagi and Ketra (REALLY GUARANTEED SUCCESS!)

Multi-platinum DJ and producer duo Instead Merck & Cremont is the author of another worldAn electronic and disruptive ballad embellished with the sounds of Tannai and Marrakesh.

Spanish singer-actress ana menawho has always had a very close relationship with Italy (so much so that he took part in the Sanremo Festival last year), returns to sing in Italian with the single Aquamarine characteristic of Guay,

There is nothing more beautiful than music that comes from a mixture of respect, friendship and artistic harmony: and indeed HollywoodFirst single from Irma E rakomiIt is a completely successful piece.

Then there are authentic champions like Drusilla Foer and Asia Argento who give us a sophisticated divertissement in a dance key entitled I want moreSigned by Ditonelapiaga and Benjamin Ventura.

More essentials from the playlist

Are you ready for more titles? Because there are so many this month! Still in the field of pop, strictly Made in Italy, we point to the release cursed sea Of Federico Rossi (Benji & Faith) and Day the sadness Did french saintWhich wants to be a hermit to rediscover the wonder of time.

Colapace Dimartino they take us to their existential pop Consider, a self-deprecating short film centered on the catchphrase of summer with the single. How can you not love them?

is also big laura pausini Together first step on the moonThe piece, co-written with Virginio Simonelli and Cheop, features dance-pop rhythms and defies gravity by taking us into orbit.

then one of the summer queens can be remembered or Baby’s, Absolutely not! so here she is with him she loves me, she doesn’t love me, where there’s always more than just hip hop. And the desire to dance awakens spontaneously.

come back too alexia Together bullets and diamondsA very peppy and peppy number which we are sure will see us through the holidays.

Don’t worry: We’ve thought of heterosexuals, too. This shouldn’t be missing on your playlist, in our opinion joy (inexplicable) ie exciting new single Pharrell Williams made with gospel choir sounds of fire,

perfect too last man dancingnew album by Jake ShearsConsidered one of the true pioneers of modern pop, with Alone and the Scissor Sisters being at the forefront.

Meanwhile, pay attention to why Olivia RodrigoThe global superstar announces the release of his new single on 30 June vampire, Of course we can’t wait to find out!

Instead, rock lovers can’t help but be swayed by In Times New Roman…by eighth live album Queens of the Stone Age from which new is taken paper machete,

Rock is often a message too and English reminds us of this Kasabian than alone algorithm Addresses the pitfalls of the recent emergence of artificial intelligence in today’s society.

Speaking of music and vital material, we can’t help but remember that this summer marks the return of the great, seven years later (if we don’t consider the soundtrack to the All About Eve theater show). pj harvey who has released the song recently I Inside the Old Eye DyingTaken from their upcoming self-titled album.

italian indie for women

In Italy, young female artists grow up and give us little jewels in music. is a matter of santa nowborn of the collaboration between the song call me lighthouse (born Angelica Giri) e asteria (Anita Ferrari’s alter ego and nemesis), which is a single with a catchy beat and definitely an instant song with a summer flavor.

your girlfriend Instead, this new single by wakeginevra (Ginevra Scognamiglio) wants to be an invitation to let go of the good things that happen unexpectedly and to express yourself, in a month in which love should become the key to understanding the world .

One can’t help but notice the great singing and creative talent Friend (Alice De Francesco) thanks for your new single Will you allow me this dance? (arranged and produced by Matteo Davi), which feeds on alternative pop and electronic indie.

we also report to you bilenuFirst single of the singer-songwriter from Catania Idda (before their EP; but also Forest new song by yani flaminiaWhich is a journey into the artist’s musical DNA, composed of echoes, synths and percussion, creating hypnotic sounds, at times tribal, slow enough to enable deep listening.

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