Jungkook sings along to Kim Tae Hyun’s “Slow Dancing” on Weverse, sending fans into a frenzy.

On October 4, 2023, BTS’s Jungkook took to South Korean social media platform Weverse to interact with fans. He went live as promised during his third and final Station Head livestream and listening party, which took place the day before, featuring the song. 3D (featuring Jack Harlow).

During the aforementioned live broadcast and listening party for the station head, the golden maknae revealed that Slow dancing this is his favorite song from Kim Tae Hyun’s song Stop album. On the live broadcast, fans were happy to see the golden maknae enjoying this particular song.

Soon, fans expressed their excitement on social media, eagerly watching their idol having a great time dancing and having fun to the music. Slow Dancing in the most peaceful way. ARMY fans of BTS found the live broadcast enjoyable and fun.

“I take every step like Taehyung”: fans can’t get enough of how Jungkook jams to Slow dancing

Jungkook started his Weverse concert by talking about his upcoming solo album: GOLD, expressing confidence that fans will love it. He added that he has been working a lot lately and does not have enough time to sleep.

Jungkook sat in a serene room with a candle in front of him. He was wearing a beanie and a casual black T-shirt and was relaxing in the calm atmosphere, sipping from a glass of beer.

During the live performance, the idol danced to a variety of songs, including J-Hope’s song. BLACKBERRY and listened to Jimin Set Me Free Part 2 among the others. Later, he also danced to Kim Tae Hyun’s song. Slow dancing and perfectly synchronized with V’s free-form choreography in the song.

Fans speculated that he must have memorized and rehearsed the choreography. The idol lip-synced to the song, enjoying it for over two minutes. Towards the end, he playfully used the lip balm like a flute before applying it to his lips. Many fans noted that he performed moves similar to Love me again singer on title track Stop.

ARMYs have since taken to social media to react to Jungkook’s dancing and Kim Tae Hyun’s excitement. Stop title track.

Meanwhile, both Jungkook and Kim Tae Hyun commented that they liked it. Slow Dancing the best from the latter’s debut album, Stop. Besides, Love me again the singer stated that Seven — his favorite K-pop song during an interview with Spotify ON!

Needless to say, fans were in awe watching the duo support each other. Many also came to the conclusion that Slow dancing is their favorite song, noting that the choreography is both calming and creates a serene atmosphere. Towards the end of his Weverse performance, Jungkook said goodbye to fans and asked them to wait for the release of his upcoming album. GOLDexpressing their anticipation for its release.

As translated by user @haruharu_w_bts on X, the idol said:

“It’s been a cool life for Jungkook so far! Thank you! Thank you! bye~bye! bye guys. see you next time. Am I going to eat something now? no, I need to lose weight~ I need to go on a diet, hmmm You know what I mean? It was a great time! It was fun. Thanks guys”.

He further stated:

“I’m leaving now. Anyway, please look forward to the album. And ARMY, don’t forget that I’m always thinking about you guys. I wish you good night and a good day. Thank you! Bye! Bye”

The idol plans to release his solo debut album. GOLDfeaturing eleven tracks, November 3, 2023.

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