jurassic park is 30 years old

A scene from Jurassic Park (Source: IMDB)

Jurassic Park hit theaters 30 years ago, in the hot summer of 1993, forever changing an entire generation of young viewers.

first and foremost Jurassic Park It was a transition from childhood to maturity for millions of children (now adults), a true cinephile trial by fire. It was impossible for many teenagers to realize they were actually on the big screen after seeing scenes on the big screen, such as a T-rex devouring a lawyer like Easter Monday grilled erosticini or that mutilated man. reveals the discovery of arm of ray arnold,

These are moments of terror in a film made to excite and captivate the little ones: glimpses of unease in an adventure story that is still taken as an example, full of the good feelings that have shaped cinema forever. have promoted Steven Spielberg, Therefore, talking with friends the day after watching it, they pretended to be already “adults”, because they managed to watch those scenes without taking off the screen.

The scary T-Rex from Jurassic Park (Source: IMDb)

as for the previous generation star wars had represented a turning point, managing to enter the collective imagination and even the common language, so millions of children began to communicate with each other by paraphrasing the most famous phrases from Spielberg’s film. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve mentioned this Dr Ian After a moment of disappointment about something we expected differently: “Hey, do we expect to see dinosaurs at your dinosaur park?” (In the hall, a few years ago, seeing the beautiful Godzilla by Gareth Edwards, someone a few rows behind me was asking a very similar question out loud).

first appearance of dinosaurs Jurassic Park Something that is impossible to forget even after three decades, an event made incredible thanks to the marvels of special effects that had never before reached such sophistication, thanks to a perfect fusion of CGI and animatronics, That dropped jaws and it’s still very effective today.

It is no coincidence that, after the film’s first screening in America, one of the greatest masters of stop-motion cinema, Phil Tippett, declared: “Like the meteorite with the dinosaurs, so Spielberg marked the extinction of my work”. There was something wonderful in seeing a film that spoke of creatures that lived millions of years ago and yet projected toward the future, so passionate about technology (both spoken in the story and used to create individual scenes) that we Let us daydream and inspire us to imagine how incredible the world could be just a few years away from us thanks to progress and development.

Jurassic Park | a generational phenomenon

Pondering some subjects perhaps too complex for a twelve-year-old child, who was only interested in watching dinosaurs chase the hero around in his own kitchen, jurassic crossk has also been able to capture the hearts of many adults, who probably decided to go to the cinema with their children in September 1993.

Don’t mess with nature, lawyers will always find a way to cheat you, capitalism probably isn’t the best economic model: these are – some – the themes of the first film in the saga. And yet, even for those who didn’t yet fully grasp those messages, Spielberg’s film was an important step forward in the way the director could convey his dinosaurs to this emotional, emotional state without hiding the love he felt for them. managed to convey the bond. creatures to the public, who inevitably fell in love with them.

A scene from Jurassic Park (Source: IMDB)

Stuffed teddy bears, stickers of football players, barbies and toy soldiers disappeared between 1993 and 1994: every child wanted their own toy dinosaur, in the hope that one day someone would bring that little inanimate object to life and turn it into a Will be able to real Brachiosaurus (as a pet, it is always better to choose a herbivorous specimen).

In the times we live in today, dominated by increasingly complex and multi-layered cinematic blockbusters, the simplicity and elegance of Jurassic Park Sounds revolutionary to us. A film that has been able to resonate with the young audience and at the same time, has been able to engage the older audience as well. A film that has aged like a mosquito in amber: a tiny fossil that embodies a cinematic perfection preserved forever. Jurassic Park Twelve days earlier to start working on a project they really care about as quickly as possible: Schindler’s List,

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