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In a ranking of the fifty highest-grossing films in history, the “oldest” to date is Jurassic Park Of Steven Spielberg, ranked forty-fourth. The fact is that thirty years have passed since its release, and its two less successful spin-offs are in eighth place respectively (jurassic world of 2015) and the eighteenth (jurassic world: fallen kingdom of 2018), this list tells us a lot not only about the repetition of today’s cinematographic proposal, but also about the influence of both on the concept of the film. movies over the heat and the imagination of the general public.

Historic box office record set four years before giving way Titanic Of James Cameronperfect timing to make first episodeOnly directed by Spielberg and made the most solid of the five.

The basis of the film – based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton, who also participated in the drafting of the re-adaptation – follows: Two paleontologists and a mathematician find themselves visiting an island converted into a theme park, where the wealthy founder of a genetic research company has discovered a large dinosaur organism. have succeeded in reviving , The eccentric tycoon’s two illustrious grandchildren also take part in the tour. something will go irreparably wrong – due to sabotage involving industrial espionage maneuvers – and the journey will turn into an escape from the clutches of ruthless hunters.

The success was huge and sustained an aware script, net of the necessary suspension of disbelief. idea behind suffrage lies in the fact that considerable resonance is maintained Jurassic Park it was not A movie “about dinosaurs”, but rather on the human perspective of the balance of power between order and chaos and, above all, on the role of reproduction in the evolution of species. This is demonstrated by the fact that, of the 127-minute film, only 15 of these had the dinosaurs as protagonists, who served not only as the driving force for the action, but always with the act of appearing on stage. Arrived. a godless fear of the heroor to reflect it by representing its primary shadow.

As is often the case with him, Spielberg achieved the feat of using such a fantastic element Excuse To talk about the society of that time. The elements were all there: awe at an imposing and lost nature, terror at its predatory and deaf laws; But still: the notion of reaching a scienti-technological pinnacle – which allowed humans to play in interpreting God – thorny moral and ethical questions that led to further comparisons between survival instinct Of the two dominant species on the planet, two belonging to different and distant eras.

all in Jurassic Park, is a bold cinematic metaphor. from the emotional development of Alan Grant, the paleontologist played by Sam Neill, who – unimportant for reasons of space – goes from loving Velociraptor to protecting children from Velociraptor to the colorful and archetypal composition of the main cast. Just think of the comparison with the rich man’s white robe john hammond (Richard Attenborough), with the black suit of Lucifer, the self-referential collapse of an order that would prove precarious Ian Malcolm (a unique Jeff Goldblum), Skeptical Antichrist expert in Chaos Theory. or also for the complementation of blue (receptive) and red (active) in the clothing of Alan Grant and its allies Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), called in to do an elective parenting experience for two young boys, Lex and Tim (Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello).

in hindsight, maybe Jurassic Park was the most spectacular mythological adaptation of baby boomers in the cinema. Revisiting it through the eyes of a child of the time immersed in an increasingly consumer society and eager to please entire families, it will come as no surprise at the definite effect achieved by the combination of a great visual adventure, signed by a One of the greatest Hollywood directors ever, and giant reptiles presented realistically on screen for the first time. To rediscover it through the disillusioned eyes of today’s fluid and hyper-rational society, it still holds Official Film Profileand the notion of commercial cinema at the time was consolidated by the industry as a commentary, not so much on itself and its means, as on the narrative spirit of its times.

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